I’m Brian, and I’m a writer

Hey, just another writer in this otherwise world of lawless literature. Just going to use this space to post basically everything I’m doing at anytime. In other words, expect short stories, novellas, and the occasional rhetoric. I’m not much of a genre writer, so a wide variety of genres is to be expected. However, from reading my own works and from your own exploration there is commonality.

To me writing is a form of art. It is the inevitable dance of words across a page, and as those words finish their dance, they become coherent sentences, a performance. String a few performances together, and you have an act, a paragraph. All of the acts are composed together to form a routine, a story. Once I get into the flow of it, words flow onto the page like water in a fall. Suddenly, I’m on stage, and I’m performing, I’m creating a routine for everyone. That’s the art of writing, and that’s why I love doing it.

And for those who can’t be bothered to look at the top of your screen for maximum browsing efficiency, I bring to you an archived collection of my short stories.

Also, my other blog where I take words and use them as prompts for micro-fiction in hopes to learn that word or spin that word’s definition in a fun way.

And I have a Wattpad, which virtually has the same content on here, but, for whatever reason if you feel like looking at that.

Canada has cold winters.


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