Maybe They’re Not All Like That

So upon my journey down memory lane (cheesy) I found this little story that I’ve actually completely forgotten about. I read the title and proceeded to do my usual, except, I’m now wondering, what was I thinking with the title? I kind of understood what I wanted to convey, but I’m still wondering whether it was my obsession with vague titles or if I can’t really understand the message I was trying to say a year ago that leads me to still think about it. Either way it was a cute little story I thought up of, with some interesting world/plot elements that I may use someplace else, I mean the grandeur concept might be pretty cool to explore more than just one simple short story. Anyway, without further ado, I hope you enjoy “Maybe They’re Not All Like That” (Hmmmm)

I pushed him down onto the pavement. He took it without retaliation and hit the ground. I didn’t push him down too hard, so he got back up. He dusted himself off and looked at me. His eyes showed fear and a bit of anger. But I didn’t care. I grabbed his shirt collar and pushed him down again. Finally he spoke. It was a soft voice that was barely audible.

“Leave me alone.”

“Make me.” I scoffed at the cliche line I just used, but I had no other choice.

“Please,” he replied back to me, but I only sighed. Being polite in this kind of situation isn’t going to do anything, and he needs to realize this. I cleared my throat and told him.

“Come fight me if you want me to leave you!”

He looked at me shallowly. He had no strength left in him, or rather he did not want to use it. He only looked blankly at me, but I could see his clenched fists. His anger soon subsided and I grew tired of this facade. I left the scene, and looked back at him, still sitting there pitifully. I sighed and went home.

“He isn’t getting anywhere, it’s pointless.”

No, keep trying.”

Look, no matter how much I try, he doesn’t want to fight back.”

I don’t care, do what you need to do to push him.”

Look, it isn’t easy for me, I’m not that kind of person, so I don’t know how to really push him like that.”

You’ll find a way, I trust you.”

It’s pointless.”

I believe in you, don’t give up.”

“We’re just wasting our energy on this lost cause.”

With that kind of mindset then of course it seems that way, you just have to bring matters in your own hands.”

“I’ve been trying and I’m getting nowhere.”

Good luck tomorrow.”

“Ignoring me huh?”

Those who have prospered, have never given up.”

I’m not sure if you’re referring to him or me.”

I could feel the woman I was talking to smiled. I sighed and went about my own personal business. This is a pain, but I have no other choice. Really, I wonder what she found in this guy, what kind of spark she saw, but either way I’ll keep trying. I’m not going to be able to move on if he doesn’t move on, so I better get serious. Even though I don’t know how to be serious in this situation, I have to keep trying. Ah, why did I ever sign up to do this? I should have just got reincarnated, or worked in the Holy Grounds or something.

If you decided to work in the Holy Grounds, I’m sure the sentinels would have made their way with you.”

“Mind reading again?” I rolled my eyes. I felt her grin again. Well whatever,  in a way I do really enjoy working as a mediator anyway, so I just have to deal with it. Maybe I should watch some more T.V shows to see how it’s done in this world.

I punched the wall in anger, I wanted to scream, but I didn’t want to alarm my parents. It was aggravating me, why can’t I do anything against him!? Why can’t I fight back!? I know I can take him, I’m certain of it. But every time I try, I always end up backing down.

I’ve had this weakness ever since I was a child. I’m extremely timid, and I’m trying to fight against it, but it’s just too hard.  I’ve been told that it’s unhealthy to be this shy, and I couldn’t agree more, being shy sucks. I never asked to be shy either, I want to change myself, but why can’t I do it? Why do I keep backing away!? These feelings inside of me are killing me, I want to get rid of them, I don’t want to be shy anymore. I want to change my life, now’s the only time to do this.

I took a deep breath. I calmed down a bit, albeit only for a split second. I’m in high school now, why am I still hiding? I was always classified as a social deject, an anti-social person, but the truth is, I just can’t help it. I’m afraid of judgment, I’m afraid of fitting in, I’m afraid of being betrayed.  I punched the wall again. Being like this isn’t helping anyone, I know that I have to try and see for myself before making a final answer. I won’t know for sure unless I try, but, I just can’t break through my barrier. That damn bully picking on me must get a kick out of it. He always picks on me after school every day, he sees that I’m weak, but I want to prove my strength.  I want to break out of my shell, but I’m too timid to even protect myself.

I’m pathetic. I’m sorry, mom, maybe I really can’t do this. NO, I have to, I promised her, and she’s looking over me. I felt tears streaming down my face. I went over to my bed and laid down. I wiped some of the tears off and said out loud.

“Tomorrow, definitely!”

The boring school day came to a close like usual. Learned nothing, wasted more of my morning. I hurried over to the back of the school and started chanting a spell of dispersal. Suddenly a white light engulfed the school around me and I was standing in a false world of the school. I rushed over to meet him today and see if I can get him to man up for once. Thanks to this false world I set up, he won’t notice a thing, and we can do this every day without being noticed.

I dragged him to the usually place and pushed him against the wall. The same routine. I made sure not to set up any pain reliving spells, those only proved to be a hindrance. I then threw a punch across his face. He flinched but didn’t retaliate. I threw another punch, and another. Nothing, he didn’t even ask why I was picking on him.

I muttered under my breath.

“Would you stop that?”

He looked at me, with his bruised face and asked me once more,  “Please, leave me alone.”

I kissed my teeth and cracked my knuckles while saying aggressively, “Let’s see you do something about it”. I threw a punch to his stomach, and then backed away to kick him. I kicked him multiple times until he dropped on his knees and started coughing up blood. I then grabbed him and told him straight to his face.

“You piss me off, you leeches must be so carefree.”

Suddenly his eyes grew and he pushed me off. He said in an angry voice, “I’m tired of this”. He then threw a punch towards me, of course I had to take it. He then repeatedly threw punches at me. I absorbed them all, it was nothing to me. Looks like I really pushed his buttons, but even if he’s retaliating, it doesn’t mean anything until we see it in action. Although I’m not quite sure why she wanted me to tough him up like this, I’m sure she has her reasons. In hindsight this solves nothing, but let’s see. After he finished he told me in a clam voice.

“Thank you.”

I looked up to see him grinning. Well what do you know, maybe something did change in him after all? He left the scene, barely being able to stand up. I gave a small chuckle and felt vibrations from my pocket. I took my phone out and checked the text I received. I grinned myself and looked up into the sky. I guess I’ll have her explain later, if she will that is. I read the text in my head.

“Nice job, come back and I’ll patch you up from that beating. See! You get what you want as long as you don’t give up. Oh and, I’ll bring back a copy of that T.V show you were watching yesterday back with us, you seemed pretty influenced by it.”

I came home later that day, and she was waiting for me with all of our stuff packed up. She smiled and I asked her.

“Will you really think this will help him?”

“What makes you think otherwise?”

“It just feels temporary is all.”

“Don’t worry your head over it, I have a knack for these things, I can feel it.”

“If it’s from you then I’m sure it’ll be fine then.”

“Besides, I’m known for my amazing ability to tell what other people are feeling.”

“That’s because you DO have the ability to read minds and all.”

“Ha ha, that, and because I have something you’ll never understand.”

“Getting smug here huh?”

“Well it’s true.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, something that even you can’t feel.”

“Hit me with it.”

“Mother’s intuition.”

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