Spirit Bound

Following my one track mind, it appeared that the story following the one about spirit mediators going to help people was a story about a person and spirits, surprisingly. So on this fine Saturday (Or w/e day it may be as you read this, because you know…. time) I hope you enjoy this little story about a person who takes on an interesting job. And rest assured that this is probably going to be the last of the spirit-related stories as I  go back down my old list of works. At least, I hope it is. But who knows. Enjoy, “Spirit Bound”

I felt a sting of pain towards my right hip. I looked over to see that a knife had made its way onto me. I looked up and saw the assailant. He wore a ski mask and was covered completely in black clothing. He took out his knife and a pool of blood began forming. I went onto my knees as the pain over came me and soon I fell onto the ground, holding onto my wound. He went through my pockets, but to his dismay; I had nothing on me.

After realizing that I had nothing on me, he dug his knife into my back. He twisted it, and soon I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. My vision was becoming blurry and soon, it all faded to black. I had died.

My eyes opened, and strangely enough, I saw my body lying in front of me. The assailant had left, and my blood covered body was left to rot on this side walk. I looked at my hands, transparent. My hands were completely transparent, but a part of me could tell that what waved in front of my face were hands. The outline of my hands formed in my head, but with my eyes, I could see nothing. I was merely a ghost now.

Soon after, the police came, and I had no place to go. I was merely a ghost now. But I do wonder, why did he target me? Was he just a petty robber looking for things, or did he actually have a purpose? But I digress, most robbers target without reason.

I drifted along the sidewalks, literally. I wasn’t walking, but I was hovering above the ground and I could slide my way forward. I felt lightheaded, well in general I just really felt light. And it was to be expected, being a ghost and all. I wonder if anyone could see me, or whether I had any kind of special powers or anything.

I tried and tried, but no matter how hard I tried, nothing happened.  Being a ghost felt unique but, there was no point. At the end of the day, I’m dead, and I have no reason to be a wandering ghost. My killer would probably be found anyway, and I don’t particularly have any wish or anything I want to fulfill. So why am I still here? I didn’t really have any remorse before I died, so why am I here? It was strange, but I couldn’t do anything to find answers. I mean I’m a ghost, where would I get answers?

No matter how hard I tried to connect to the other residents of the afterlife, I couldn’t get a response. The days kept going and I was stuck in a loop of boredom and torment. I had no purpose, and I couldn’t do anything. Sure I could walk through walls and pick up objects to scare people, but seriously, what could a ghost do? I had nothing to live for anymore, in fact I’m not even living. Being dead is a drag, other than the fact that I can’t die again, what I really want is some sort of incentive to live, well in this case, remain dead.

I couldn’t keep track of time either, but I knew that time had passed. A lot of time had passed. People went by, and seasons changed. No one seemed to notice me, maybe it was because my ghost powers were low or something. Either way I wasn’t the haunting type. Going exploring wasn’t any fun either, there was no adventure in doing anything. All I could simply do was to sit around the neighborhood and listen in on the news from my neighbors.

Sometimes I would steal some food when they were not looking, strange that I could eat, however I couldn’t taste. I had tried looking in a mirror once, but that didn’t end well. They had to get a broom and dust pan after I was done with their bathroom. I tried talking once, but although I could hear my voice, they couldn’t. Or maybe they choose to ignore me, that could be a possibility. I even tried interacting with one of them, which seemed to work. I touched my neighbors shoulder and they looked back, of course not being able to see me.

I had a way to interact with the physical world, but once again, why should I? I mean, the only thing I can do in this case is to enlist in the military as a super secret spy agent, but what are the odds of them hiring a ghost? What could I possibly do, go on a mass rampage and destroy everything in my wake? What good will that do? And I don’t even feel like massacring a bunch of people that have nothing to do with me.

The days just went by, I was bored and lonely, but most of all, I was deterred by the fact that I was still sitting on that same sidewalk. Had it been years yet? The same faces I was so used to, were aging, and so has the world. How many years has it been? My killer had been dealt with, so he’s not the reason why I’m here. I have no links to my family, and I didn’t really have any friends that I need to tie loose ends with. I was going back home after reading some interesting information on artists, and I wanted to do a little more research. I was still searching for my own career, so surely I don’t have any career bound goals. Or maybe I’m tied down by the fact that I don’t know what I want to do.

Truth be told, I was desperate to find out my calling. But how desperate was I? I was a student at university, and instead of doing my other homework I was researching on careers. Does that mean I was really desperate, or maybe I just digressed into it. Either way, I don’t have any particular interest in that kind of stuff now anyway, and forcing out an answer to pass on is hard. Besides I probably wouldn’t be able to pass on if I was to force it.

Another set of years passed by, and I was still sitting on the same sidewalk. The same faces I had saw had aged again, and here I was doing nothing. It’s a miracle how I hadn’t gone mentally insane, but that bares the question, do I even have a mind? I mean I’m a spirit, but don’t I need a brain to have a mind, and do ghosts even have organs? I guess I should say, why hasn’t my spirit gone crazy? I’m pretty much living in eternity trapped in the same spot.

Suddenly, as I was continuing my daily routine of sitting down, something peculiar had happened. A figure dressed in a large black robe appeared. He walked towards me, his face was completely veiled in darkness, and his hands were skeletal. He held a large scythe and immediately I knew who he was. Death had appeared before me.

He sat down on the sidewalk besides me and rested his scythe on his shoulder. He then spoke, surprisingly he had a rather normal voice, or rather a very human-like voice. “I’ll cut to the chase, I’m not here to take you away or anything.”

“Sitting here is a real thrill, so I would never ask of anything like that.”

“That’s true, you’ve been here for nearly ten years.”

“So it’s been that long huh? Or is that short?”

“Have you ever wondered why you can’t go to heaven or hell?”

“Of course I have.”

“Apparently not hard enough.”


“Well you see, I appear to take away spirits to the afterlife.”

“Wait, then what about me?”

“In some cases, some people just can’t go to where the others go. If you had thought hard enough, I would have came earlier.”

“Wait, so why are you here now?”

“Why not? You were on my list for ten years now, and I hate having backlog. So I decided to give you a visit on my own volition.”

“Okay, what about that part about me not being able to go to heaven?”

“Or hell. ”

“Fine, heaven or hell.”

“Well, I’m glad you asked.”

“Just get on with it.”

“I work in direct link with both heaven and hell, so that means I’m neutral. Every day they update me with their new list of spirits. That list comes with new strings of fate. If a string of fate tells me that they will be reincarnated in the near future, I bring them to their respective afterlife. But if I get a string of fate that tells me that they won’t be visiting these places, then I have to drag their spirit out.”

“Drag my spirit out? Aren’t I already a spirit?”

“Usually, if you were destined to be reborn, I would bring both your body and spirit to heaven or hell, don’t ask, it’s hard to explain. And if you’re not destined, I would just pull out your spirit and leave you be. You see, the form you’re in is kind of a temporary body. Contrary to what you humans believe in, you actually have three forms, a human form, a spirit form, and a half-form that allows you to wait for judgment.”

“I see. So I’m stuck in this half-form because you didn’t come.”

“Because of your string of fate.”

“What the hell does ‘string of fate’ even mean? I mean, is there really a predetermined fate that every person follows?”

“Believe it or not, yes.”

“That’s complete crap.”

“But it’s up to each person to change their fate.”


“Every person has the ability to change their own fate, it’s almost as easy as them creating their own fate as well. Each action changes their fate, and once they get the hang of it, they’ll be able to weave their own fate with ease. Of course you guys aren’t told this while living.”

“So what about me? Why is my fate tied to this sidewalk!?”

“Don’t ask me, your string of fate didn’t say that you were supposed to move on, so you’re going to be stuck here.”

“So there really is no way out.”

“Unfortunately yes, it’s hard for the dead to change their fate.”

“You say hard, but not impossible?”

“It’s been done before, but it isn’t that worthwhile if you ask me.”

“Please tell me.”

“Well I’ve been growing old, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to pass down this business.”


“How I got out of my string of fate when I was dead, was that I took over for the last Death.”

“Wait, you don’t mean?”

“Become Death, and you’ll be freed from this pitiful existence.”

“What about you?”

“Like I said, I’m growing old.”

“Then, I can really take over for you?”

“I don’t see why not.”

I mean, the only price tag for being Death is that you have to subject your spirit to eternal suffering. For every person who died, their memories and emotions are transferred to you.  Good luck new kid, you’ll need it.”

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