Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: Taurus Demon

Hello once again, this time our Chosen Undead faces off with the first boss (Other than the Asylum Demon, which is a tutorial boss, so….. I don’t know, I wouldn’t really count it)  the Taurus Demon. Upon my first encounter with it, I was definitely quite scared I mean, you’re just merrily making your way across the bridge, wondering where the boss is, and all of a sudden he jumps from the watch tower and chases you down with it’s giant axe. At that level, it definitely hurts. But, thanks to our Chosen Undead, it has a secret trick, which is also a viable method in game to kill the Taurus Demon. Anyway, here it is, “Taurus Demon’

The Taurus Demon stood large and menacing as it charged down towards the Chosen Undead.  It swung its massive Greataxe down on the bridge, but the Chosen Undead managed to dodge at the last second, avoiding a critical hit. The Taurus Demon roared, and then pounded the bridge in front of him once again. The Chosen Undead raised his shield, and managed to block the Greataxe, albeit only for a second, as the weight of it all was too strong. The Chosen Undead was forced to back off.

The Chosen Undead waited for an opening, but the Taurus Demon continued his assault. He stepped back and then with his Greataxe, winded a great sweep in front of him. The Chosen Undead had nowhere to run, and simply waited. As the Greataxe swept down, the Chosen Undead rolled back and avoided the attack.  The Taurus Demon then jumped and slammed the Chosen Undead into the bridge.  The Chosen Undead was lucky enough to survive with a sliver of health left in him. But with his strength so low, he was sure that even a breeze of wind would knock him down. The Chosen Undead had to be clever.  As The Taurus Demon winded for another sweep, the Chosen Undead hurriedly picked up a Black Firebomb and launched it into the Taurus Demon’s face, causing a small explosion and effectively staggering the Demon. The Chosen Undead took this chance and restored his strength with the Estus Flask. As his strength returned, the Chosen Undead turned to the offensive.

As the Taurus Demon slammed down in confusion and rage, the Chosen Undead slid past the Axe and came behind the Taurus Demon. As the effects of the Black Firebomb dissipated, the Chosen Undead jumped forward and perched himself onto the Taurus Demon’s back. The Chosen Undead then drew his Black Knight Sword and drove it into the Taurus Demon’s skull. The Demon roared and flailed angrily to shake off the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead couldn’t hold his grip on his Black Knight Sword and was flung violently against the bridge. The Sword remained lodged in the back of the Taurus Demon skull, which only angered it more. The Taurus Demon entered into an enraged state as blood gushed out from the back of his head.  It charged at the Chosen Undead, with its Greataxe to its side, winding for a large strike. The Chosen Undead waited, anticipated, and then as the Greataxe came within sight, the Chosen Undead rolled to the side, leaving the Taurus Demon to charge haphazardly.  The Taurus Demon stopped and then flailed it’s Greataxe. It turned and then did a large sweep towards the Chosen Undead. The Undead dodged with barely a hair to spare, and then grabbed another Black Firebomb.

He threw the Black Firebomb with precision, causing an explosion on the Taurus Demon’s face. The Taurus Demon moved its head back in spite, but this only moved the Sword lodged in its skull and caused the Taurus Demon to lose more blood. The Taurus Demon fell to its knee, but it wasn’t down. It looked at the Chosen Undead, and roared once more. It then charged at the Undead with the remaining strength it had and swung down hard. The Chosen Undead challenged the Taurus Demon’s strength and raised his shield against the Greataxe.

The Greataxe slammed into the Black  Knight Shield and for a brief moment, the two beings struggled to keep up against each other’s strength. The Chosen Undead used every ounce of his being to keep his shield upheld, and, after a while, the Taurus Demon stopped. The Chosen Undead lowered his shield, and the Taurus Demon fell.  The Chosen Undead grabbed the Black Knight Sword from the Demon’s skull and shock off the blood from it. The Chosen Undead took another sip of Estus and then examined the Demon’s Greataxe. It was too large for him to carry, and he would need a good smith to forge it into something he would be able to wield.  Such a smith was someone the Chosen Undead did not know as of yet, but he did break down the Greataxe, so that he would one day be able to use it if he were so inclined. The Chosen Undead also extracted a humanity from the Taurus Demon, along with a Homeward Bone.




*Demon’s Greataxe*

Carved from the bones of fellow demons. Wielded by the lesser Taurus demons.

This axe is imbued with no special power, but can merrily beat foes to a pulp, providing you have the strength to wield it.

*Homeward Bone*

Bone fragment reduced to white ash.

Bonfires are fueled by the bones of the Undead. In rare cases, the strong urge of their previous owner’s to seek bonfires enchants their bones with a homeward instinct.

The Chosen Undead pressed on towards the opposite watch tower, and entered. Upon entering, he noticed the room was littered with barrels wrapped in rope.  A strange scene, but no matter. The Chosen Undead pressed on towards the arched entrance until finally descending two flights of stairs. At the exit of the watch tower, the Chosen Undead was faced with another door, separated by another on looking bridge to his left. The door was locked. The Chosen Undead turned to his right, and was met with the basking sunrays that exuded from the clouds. It was a scene straight from a fairytale, truly the sights of an age long past. A scene that can only be replicated with the inglorious sun. Oh, how grossly incandescent that sun is. So very, very incandescent.

As the Chosen Undead walked down the stairs, and into the lookout ledge, he found himself staring at a being. It was a man, in iron armor. It had green high lights on the shoulders ,and upon closer inspection, he saw a picture of a sun painted on the chest. His helmet was a gleaming iron, with a red feather sticking off the top. He had a sword to his side, and a shield on his back.  The Chosen Undead approached him. He was a brazen man. A man of strength, a true warrior.

“Ah, hello! You don’t look Hollow, far from it! I am Solaire of Astora, an adherent of the Lord of Sunlight. Now that I am Undead, I have come to this great land, the birthplace of Lord Gwyn, to seek my very own sun! Do you find that strange?” The Chosen Undead shook his head.

“Well, you should! No need to hide your reaction. I get that look all the time!” Solaire then began laughing.

“Oh, ah hah! So, I didn’t scare you? I have a proposition, if you have a moment.” The Chosen Undead figured he had nothing to lose, especially after such a taxing battle with the Taurus Demon. In fact, one must wonder, how did Solaire arrive here? Perhaps, by chance, in another time, he had once defeated the Taurus Demon as well?

“The way I see it, our fates appear to be intertwined. In a land brimming with Hollows, could that really be mere chance? So, what do you say? Why not help one another on this lonely journey?” The Chosen Undead nodded.

“This pleases me greatly! Well then, take this.” Solaire handed the Chosen Undead a White Sign Soapstone.

*White Sign Soapstone*

In Lordran, the flow of time is distorted, and the White Sign Soapstone allows Undead to assist one another.

“We are amidst strange beings, in a strange land. The flow of time itself is convoluted, with heroes centuries old phasing in and out. The very fabric wavers, and relations shift and obscure. There’s no telling how much longer your world and mine will remain in contact. But, use this, and engage in jolly co-operation! Of course, we are not the only one engaged in this. But I am a warrior of the sun! Spot my summon signature easily by its brilliant aura. If you miss it, you must be blind!” Solaire began laughing. The Chosen Undead has gained an ally on his endeavor. But, he didn’t understand what Solaire had meant by time being  convoluted. Perhaps, in the future, he will experience what he meant. Or perhaps it was a gander at how Solaire how arrived here before him, besting the Taurus Demon in a world void of the Chosen Undead. But if he himself is Undead, could he be chasing a faith similar to his? Among his own journey, could Solaire be…. a Chosen Undead as well? The Chosen Undead shook his head of the notion and noticed that there was a Bonfire. He lit it and began resting before venturing off again.


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