Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: First Bell Of Awakening

And we’re back with another entry, this time, getting us just a little bit closer in our Chosen Undead’s mission. After this chapter, we only have just so much more before we really get to see what this Chosen Undead has to do, and just how much this world has fallen in graces. I’ll also probably supplement these entries with other entries, in possibly a new series or just again alternating between these and short stories, but we’ll see how things get. Here you go, “First Bell Of Awakening”.

The Chosen Undead ascended the elevator back to the Church. He then went up the flight of stairs, and turned, to see another flight of stairs.  After ascending all of the flight of stairs, the Chosen Undead was treated to a narrow passage way, with a large upper floor room in sight.  Roaming the room, was a Channeler. The Channeler wore a large protective robe that seemed heavy to wear. His helmet had six eye holes to it, but the Chosen Undead deduced that the Channeler himself was not a being with six eyes. The Channeler carried around a Trident, which the Chosen Undead deemed as a tool worthy of stabbing holes within himself.

The one notion that the Chosen Undead couldn’t figure, was why this being was here in the first place. In a church. Perhaps, this Channeler was a priest? Or a cleric. Or perhaps, this Channeler was a being not of this realm, a being from a far off land, come to pilgrimage. Or perhaps this Channeler had a mission like his own. Either way, as the Chosen Undead stepped into the room, the Channeler rose his trident,  and a beam of bright blue light began emanating at the tip, right before the three spikes. And, in another instance, the Channeler pushed his Trident forward and launched the beam into the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead raised his shield, but still felt the impact of the blast. His shield was not one that would deal with magic very well. The Channeler’s Soul Arrow was a sorcery that he needed to watch for.

The Chosen Undead decided to face the Channeler head on, as he would not be able to cast Soul Arrow if he was so up close. As the Chosen Undead closed in, the Channeler grabbed his Trident with both hands and stabbed at the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead blocked with a hair to spare but still felt the impact of the hit. The Channeler was strong indeed. A bit strange, for a sorcerer, the Chosen Undead concluded.  As the Channeler winded for another strike, the Chosen Undead rolled to the side and countered with a forward slash. It cut into the Channeler’s armor, but did not finish him.

The Channeler then placed his hand on the Trident and after a moment of concentrating, disappeared in a mist of blue light. The Chosen Undead then heard the sound of another Soul Arrow, and rolled just in time to dodge it. The Channeler teleported behind him, and after finishing his roll, the Channeler then winded for a large stab.  The Chosen Undead stopped it with his shield, but was unable to counter at such a distance. The Channeler took advantage of this and winded another stab. The Chosen Undead had no choice but to block, but he couldn’t keep up with such powerful strikes. The Chosen Undead rolled back for room. But that caused the Channeler to cast another Soul Arrow.

As the Chosen Undead dodged the Soul Arrow, he advanced towards the Channeler. The Channeler grabbed it’s Trident, but before it could finish its wind up, the Chosen Undead stabbed through the Channeler’s armor. The Channeler still persisted, and attempted to stab the Chosen Undead. It nicked him, and the Chosen Undead gave another upward slash. The Channeler’s armor gave in, and the Chosen Undead chained a final stab and finished him off.

The Chosen Undead pressed on towards a set of stairs and ascended two ladders until finally peering off into the church roofs. He looked up to see the bell. It was a final stretch,  all he needed to do was walk towards the Bell Tower. As the Chosen Undead walked onto the Church’s roof and began walking towards the Bell Tower, he noticed that the decorative gargoyles that perched itself on the Tower’s ledges were moving. He stopped in his tracks and focused his attention to the stone gargoyles. Before he knew it, bits and pieces of stone were falling from the gargoyle and it began moving in place. Without a second warning, the gargoyle broke free from its spot; like it had become freed from a spell holding it in place, waiting for a Chosen Undead to walk upon the rafters and seek the bell.  The Bell Gargoyle flew down from its perch and landed in front of the Chosen Undead. It roared in front of the Chosen Undead and swung it’s Gargoyle Halberd in front of the Chosen Undead. It’s spiked tail flailed in front of the Bell Gargoyle and served as another means of attack. On its left hand was the Gargoyle’s Shield, but considering the tough scales that must have covered this beast, it’s purpose must be mere decorative.

The Chosen Undead circled around the Bell Gargoyle, but before it could make any ground, the Bell Gargoyle flew up using it’s stone wings and before descending in front of the Chosen Undead, used its tail to swipe the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead blocked, but as the Bell Gargoyle landed on the rafters; used it’s Halberd for a horizontal swing. The Chosen Undead rolled in time and swiped at the Bell Gargoyle. The Sword cut into its skin but the Chosen Undead noticed that his body was more like armor than anything. It’s rough stone scales served as a layer of defense in of itself. The Bell Gargoyle held it’s Halberd with two hands and crashed down on the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead blocked the strike head on and countered swiftly with a vertical slash. The Gargoyle used its wings and flew once again. The Chosen Undead anticipated this move and grabbed a Black Firebomb. He had one left, but he only needed one. Before the Bell Gargoyle could attack, the Chosen Undead threw the Black Firebomb into the Gargoyle’s face, causing it to stagger, but nonetheless  the Gargoyle used its tail to swipe at the Chosen Undead. Upon being blocked, the Gargoyle flew down using it’s Halberd as a grounding tool as the Gargoyle did a downward swipe. The Chosen Undead rolled, and as the Gargoyle landed, did another downward slash. The Bell Gargoyle surely must have taken a beating, but it stood tall and simply swiped at the Chosen Undead.

After a succession of blocks, the Chosen Undead felt the tire of the battle. But before he could recover to fight the Bell Gargoyle, he noticed something odd. It was the sound of flight. And behind the first Bell Gargoyle, a second had landed before him.  The Chosen Undead moved back to reassess the situation, but before he could cover much ground, the second Bell Gargoyle opened its mouth wide and spewed fire onto the rafters. The Chosen Undead brought his shield up, but as the attack finished, the first Bell Gargoyle flew up and used its tail to break the guard of the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead was vulnerable, and the second Bell Gargoyle took advantage of this and used its own Halberd to slice the Chosen Undead.

The Chosen Undead backed off after taking the hit. He was in a tight situation. A one on one wasn’t much of a problem, but managing both might prove otherwise. The second Gargoyle used its wings and took flight. Without a second warning, it began flying over the Chosen Undead, spewing fire down at the rafters as it did. The Chosen Undead brought up his shield, and as the Gargoyle landed behind him, gave room for the first Gargoyle to take a thrust at the Chosen Undead using it’s Halberd. The Chosen Undead dodged, but before he could use his remaining energy to strike back, the second Gargoyle had already begun blanketing the rafters with flames. The Chosen Undead had no choice but to roll back and give himself space.

The Chosen Undead had one trick that he could use, however he wasn’t sure if he could this time as well. But nonetheless it was his only option. He grabbed the White Sign Soapstone, and gripped it as if he was going to crush it. Before him, he noticed yellow writings inscribed on the rafters; previously not there. The Chosen Undead rushed towards it and placed his White Sign Soapstone on it. Without warning a bright yellow light began emanating from the rafters. Like before, Solaire appeared before him, this time showing up with his two hands stretched out right. As he gained a grasp on the situation, Solaire grabbed his Talisman and began casting the miracle Lightning Spear. The two Gargoyles rushed in at the sight of a new Undead. The first swiped down hard at Solaire, but I managed to block. Just as the second Gargoyle had flown up and was ready to strike down at us, Solaire let loose his Lightning Spear and stopped the flying Gargoyle in its tracks. It was especially good at peeling scales, it seemed. The second Gargoyle flew back down after being struck, and the first came in with its Halberd and did a wide sweep. I managed to block the mass of the attack, which prompted Solaire to rush in with his Straight Sword to take a gander at the weakened first Gargoyle. It stepped back and roared after the strike, and I followed up with a wide upward slash with my Black Knight Sword. The first Gargoyle fell, and all that was left was the second Gargoyle. It flew up and tried to blanket us with flames, but Solaire and I both used our shields, and as it fell to the ground, we surrounded it. I used my Black Knight Sword to stab through its tail, which caused the Gargoyle to roar and attempt to turn, but Solaire stopped it with a slash towards its neck. The Gargoyle stepped back, and before it could use its wings, Solaire jumped up and impaled his sword into the back of the Gargoyle’s neck. The Bell Gargoyle fell shortly thereafter, and Solaire left without another word. A Sunlight Medal was left on the rafters, and so the Chosen Undead pocketed it, alongside a Gargoyle Helm, and Twin Humanities.

*Gargoyle Helm*

Helm of the gargoyle, an enchanted creature that guarded the Bell of Awakening in the belfry of the undead Church.

This bronze helm was for more appearance’s sake as gargoyle skin is naturally hard. Little in the way of defense can be expected from it.

*Twin Humanities*

Rare tiny black sprite found on corpses. Very unusual twin humanity.

This black sprite is called humanity, but little is known about its true nature. If the soul is the source of life, then what distinction is left for humanity?

The Chosen Undead traversed the rest of the rafters until he finally made it to the Bell Tower. Upon climbing up a harrowing ladder, the Chosen Undead was finally met with the first Bell of Awakening. The Chosen Undead pulled down the lever, and listened as the Bell swayed back and forth, causing a loud sound to resound within the area. As he was finished, he went down the Bell Tower, and saw an unfamiliar face. There was a man, with his arms stretches out to his side, wearing all black alongside a mask that hid his face. He was Oswald of Carim. The Chosen Undead inquired.

“Greetings. I am Oswald of Carim, the pardoner. Thou art a friend. For thee, a warm welcome. Cometh thou to confess? Or to accuse? For indeed all sin is my domain.” Oswald seemed to have wares of his own to sell. But different from other merchants. One item seemed to be of great interest to the Chosen Undead, and so he purchased it. It was a Purging Stone; a square stone that had a skull encased in it.

*Purging Stone*

Ash-colored stone encasing a skull. Secret treasure of Arstor, the Earl of Carim.

Humans are helpless against curses, and can only redirect their influence. The Purging Stone does not dispel curses, but receives them as a surrogate. The stone itself was once a person or some other being.

As the Chosen Undead turned back to head to rest at Firelink Shrine, Oswald gave one last remark.

“Thou art welcome anytime. It is only human to commit a sin.” Oswald begins laughing. As the Chosen Undead makes it back to the Church, he sees a peculiar figure. It was man dressed in all gold armor. He was walking about, and the Chosen Undead approached him. He didn’t seem hostile, but he did have weapons on him; two Shotels.  Surely such a man with gleaming armor, was no pushover. He was Knight Lautrec of Carim.

“Hello. I don’t think we’ve met. I am Knight Lautrec of Carim. We are both Undead. Perhaps we can help one another.” Lautrec begins laughing. The Chosen Undead evaluates Lautrec. Another Undead. The Chosen Undead wonders, but Lautrec is not a man who is open to such formalities.  The Chosen Undead shrugs and heads down the elevator, back to Firelink Shrine.


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