Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: Capra Demon

Hello once again on this fine day. More or so recently, I’ve actually been into reading. Reading books? Nah, not anything that extravagant. I do that whenever I can. But reading Manga, online, rather than the physical copy. I’m sort of a weird person when it comes to reading, my general rule is that I usually only read what I own. But with Japanese Manga, that’s a little hard considering most of it is you know, over there, and I’m here. So I’ve resorted to of course fan translations and the such and man have I ever been just trudging through the stuff. I’ve never been that much of a Manga person, more so on Anime but recently, maybe I’ve changed. Or maybe I haven’t, maybe I’m just tired. Anyway, here you go, “Capra Demon”.

As the Chosen Undead stepped forward to face the Capra Demon, two Undead Attack Dogs sprung up from the sides and attacked the Chosen Undead. He was able to block both bites, but before he could counter, he noticed the Capra Demon had sprung up from its position and attempted to raze the Chosen Undead with its two Machetes.  The Chosen Undead rolled in time to dodge the strike, but as the area he was fighting was quite small, he wasn’t able to gain much breathing room.

The two Dogs came rushing in, and the Chosen Undead had no choice but to take them. He sliced through the first Dog before it could attack, and blocked the second. Before he could strike, the Capra Demon came with a horizontal swing with both of its Machetes. The Chosen Undead rolled with a hair to spare and as he got up, noticed the Capra Demon was already in stance for another strike. The Chosen Undead was too slow, and took a slash towards his arm. The Capra Demon chained, and took another slash at the Chosen Undead. The remaining Dog then jumped up and attempted to bite the Chosen Undead; but was easily met with a bash by his shield. The Dog scampered on the ground, and the Chosen Undead impaled it to finish it off; however the Capra Demon wasn’t finished. It placed both of its Machetes together and winded for a strike. The Chosen Undead quickly grabbed a Black Firebomb and threw it into the Capra Demon’s face, fazing it for a short moment, but not enough to stop the Capra Demon entirely. The swing went through, but the Chosen Undead had more time, and was able to dodge successfully. At this moment, the Chosen Undead couldn’t afford getting hit, and he was out of Black Firebombs. But if he played his cards right, he could defeat the Capra Demon with ease.

The Chosen Undead focused, and, once he noticed the Capra Demon winding for another strike, he moved. The Capra Demon did a vertical slash at the Chosen Undead with one Machete, that was easily met with a block. With its second Machete, the Capra Demon swung to the Chosen Undead’s exposed side. The Chosen Undead narrowly blocked it with his Black Knight Sword, and pushed back against the Capra Demon. The Capra Demon possessed pure strength, being able to wield such armaments with ease, and thus was able to push back the Chosen Undead. However, as the Chosen Undead stepped back and as the Capra Demon jumped for a diving slam, the Chosen Undead rolled and cut the Capra Demon’s arm.

The Black Knight Sword cut clean through the Capra Demon’s flesh, causing blood to splatter on the grassy area beneath, and causing the Capra Demon to step back.  The cut felt too easy, thought the Chosen Undead, in fact, it probably caused more damage than he had expected. Perhaps it was the Sword itself, but the Chosen Undead felt a familiarity in the cut. Like this was common place. Perhaps it was the Sword indeed. But nonetheless, the Capra Demon winded for another large swing, but the Chosen Undead was able to read it and dodge. The Chosen Undead then took a gander at the Capra Demon, striking it in the chest. Again, the damage was far exceeding than that of the expectations of the Chosen Undead; who followed up with another strike, causing the Capra Demon to fall back. The Chosen Undead didn’t let, and once he saw an opening, struck against the Capra Demon’s skull. The Capra Demon swung wildly at the Chosen Undead, but none of its strikes met with a target. The Chosen Undead then skillfully stabbed right into the Capra Demon between its swings, and stopped it in its tracks. The Capra Demon fell. The Chosen Undead couldn’t wield it’s Great Machetes, but took parts of it, perhaps one day, he will. Among that, he also found the Key to the Depths, a Humanity and a Homeward Bone.

*Demon Great Machete*

The lesser Capra demons use these greatswords in pairs. The blade is cast iron and hooked.

The sword is imbued with no particular magic, but for those who have the strength, it’s great weight will smash foes mercilessly.

*Key to the Depths*

Key opening the door from the lower Undead Burg to the Depths.

Those banished from the Undead Burg eke out their existence in the Depths, a damp lair with no trace of sunlight. Nearly half of the Depths form a perilous flooded labyrinth.

The Chosen Undead moved on, out of the den of the Capra Demon, and down a flight of stairs to the right. The Chosen Undead then found a locked door amongst the walls, and opened it using the Key to the Depths. Before traversing however, the Chosen Undead noticed another door, one that was elevated by a step of stairs. Upon climbing and opening that door, the Chosen Undead noticed that an even larger spiraling staircase stood before him. He climbed perilously, until reaching an entrance way, with a familiar sound of flowing water. He entering the waterway, wondering if it was the same, and before he could move any further, he was interrupted.

“Hmm, you still have your sense about you?” The Chosen Undead turned, to see a Hollow, behind rusted iron bars. Her clothes were of tattered rags, but, although being Hollow, she was still…. somehow sane, however much that can be. Much like the Undead Merchant the Chosen Undead met before. Peculiar beings indeed, thought the Chosen Undead.

“Then why don’t you buy some of my moss? I need your souls!” She began laughing. Her wares consisted of an assortment of Moss, each with its own special properties, whether it be for poison ailment, or even bleeding. None of which interested the Chosen Undead, but one particular item did, and the Chosen Undead figured it would be a sound move considering his recent lacking of Black Firebombs. The Chosen Undead purchased some Charcoal Pine Resin.

*Charcoal Pine Resin*

Black charcoal-like resin.

Affected weapon inflicts fire damage for a short time. Particularly effective against corporeal creatures and Undead, who have an instinctual fear of fire.

As he was done with his transaction, he turned towards the flowing water, until finally meeting with a bared door. He opened it and continued, until finally seeing an open. Upon walking out, he noticed that he was back to where this all began. He found himself staring at Firelink Shrine. A wondrous shortcut, he thought, and a fine time to rest up before heading deeper into the depths.

As he arrived in Firelink Shrine, he noticed that Griggs has set up shop here, or rather, was standing by idly.

“Oh, hello. I regret meeting you under such compromising circumstances. At least we both made it back unscathed. Incidentally, would you care to learn any sorceries? You’re clearly talented, and besides, I owe you. Of course, we will require some materials, but I am happy to teach you some elementary spells. Are you interested?” The Chosen Undead did not see much in his learning of such arts, he would rather prefer to keep his wits, and use his strength as he can see fit. He refused.

“Yes, I see. It is regrettable, but to each his own. If you change your mind, do not be bashful.” Before leaving however, Griggs had one last remark, as if he had just remembered the notion.

“Did you see them? The three young clerics, headed for the Catacombs, to seek Kindling. Kindling is the art of feeding bonfires. The poor young girl, sent down into a tomb. What a terrible mission she is burdened with.” The Chosen Undead thought back to Petrus of Thorolund. As the Chosen Undead left, he noticed Petrus, alongside three new companions that he had never seen before.

“Oh, hello. My guests have finally arrived. I will be departing with them shortly. So, I’m afraid I will be saying good-bye soon. It was a pleasure.” The Chosen Undead turned towards the three companions that joined Petrus. One of which, had white robes on and carried with her an Ivory Talisman; made of bright white cloth. She was Rhea of Thorolund.

“You are Undead, as well? Then we’ve no time to fraternize. I have my mission, and you no doubt have yours. We must not let this curse overcome us.” The two new faces beside her is no doubt the two guards that she has brought with her.  The one on her left had no helmet on; contrasting with the one on her right. His hair was a bright blonde, and he wore a common Holy Set, that consisted of a metal overall,  alongside a Mace and a Caduceus Kite Shield. The one on the right had the same Kite Shield, however he wielded the Crescent Axe, surely a sign of great faith. The one on the left was Vince, and the one on the right was Nico; two companions that has stayed with the esteemed Rhea for quite some time in Thorolund. Vince is the one to address the Chosen Undead.

“Hm? What have we here? You look awfully raggedy. Times are grim; the least you can do is look sharp. Don’t you dare meet M’lady like that. You might scare her off for good!” After the round robin talk with the three new faces, Petrus gave one last remark.

“Rhea is the youngest daughter of the good house of Thorolund. Those young knights are her old schoolmates. But I’m not sure what to make of them. I’m afraid they may be a bad influence.” The Chosen Undead looked again back to Vince and Nico, but could not see what Petrus could see. They seemed like loyal and decent people to him. No matter, the Chosen Undead went back to the Bonfire. The Crestfallen Warrior regarded him, and gave him a few more words before his rest.

“How did that nutty sorcerer make it back? Unexpected, but I suppose stranger things have happened.” The Chosen Undead wondered what stranger things he was referring to, but before he could ask, he went again.

“How did that raggedy old chum end up? You know, the one who idolized some godmother of pyromancy. He left for Blighttown, but never came back. Whereas most flee from sickness, he dives right in. Well, nothing will harm him once he goes Hollow.” Another person wandering the bellows of Hollows, the Chosen Undead thought. The Chosen Undead  gave it no more heed, and simply thought to save him come the time it is needed, but for now, he sat at the Bonfire.


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