Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: Lower Undead Burg

Hello once again. Recently I’ve been quite distracted by many things, things that take up quite a bit of time as they involve reading and the such. Not books by any stretch of the imagination. With the way I am, I’m sure you might have guessed it dealt with the culture of the Japanese and it does, in fact. But my ways of wasting time is not to be dealt with today, I can still spare a dime to add another entry into this series. Hopefully start another one, however foil that may be, considering I have this to worry about as well. But nonetheless, here you go, “Lower Undead Burg”.

Upon reaching Firelink Shrine and resting, the Chosen Undead had a bout with the Crestfallen Warrior.

“Why, what a surprise. I didn’t expect you to make it. Oh, somebody rang the bell, wait, was it you?” The Chosen Undead nodded.

“You never give up, do you? I don’t know how you do it. Well, don’t stop now. Only one more, but it’s going to be suicide.” The Crestfallen Warrior began laughing.  As if remembering something, the Crestfallen Warrior looked up.

“Oh, have you seen that terribly morose lass? The Fire keeper. She’s stuck keeping that bonfire lit.”  The Crestfallen Warrior points in the direction of the Bonfire.

“Sad, really. She’s mute, and bound to this forsaken place. They probably cut her tongue out back in her village, so that she’d never say any gods’ name in vain. How do these martyrs keep chugging along? I’d peter out in an instant.” The Crestfallen Warrior begins laughing. But he’s not finished, remembering more as he recalls his days of sitting at Firelink Shrine.

“How did that silly sorcerer’s apprentice end up? You know, the one always prattling on about Master Logan. He left for the Undead Burg, but never came back. Servers him right. If even Old Big Hat can’t make it out of there, what chance does he have? I hope he enjoys his new life as Hollow.” The Chosen Undead tries to recall, but does not remember seeing anyone there that could resemble a sorcerer. The Chosen Undead inquires about the sorcerer, but the Crestfallen Warrior speaks no more of him, and simply hands the Chosen Undead a key, implying if he wants to know, to use that key.  It was the Basement Key.

*Basement Key*

Opens the narrow passage leading below at the far face of the great bridge in the Undead Burg. The lower Undead Burg is a treacherous place. Do not turn your back on the wily thieves, or the wild dogs who serve the Capra Demon.

The Chosen Undead remembers the locked door before the fight with the Hellkite Drake on the bridge. Perhaps this was the Key to open it. Blighttown, where the second Bell of Awakening was located was said to be down below the Undead Burg; so the Crestfallen Warrior said. Before the Chosen Undead got to leave, the Crestfallen Warrior gave one last remark.

“Well, what are you going to do? I’ve already decided. I don’t really care; I’m simply crestfallen.” It was a strange remark, thought the Chosen Undead. Perhaps he was hinting at more pressing matters than doing his mission. But no matter. After recollecting his thoughts, the Chosen Undead remembered that he had a peculiar Soul on him. A Fire Keeper Soul. Perhaps, the Fire Keeper of the area would know what to do with it. Rather, the Chosen Undead remembered she was mute, but….. maybe showing her the Soul, would still spark something. The Chosen Undead noticed a set of worn stairs besides the Crestfallen Warrior and descended them. At the base of the stairs, he noticed a man dressed in all golden armor. It was Lautrec.

“Oh,  hello. I’m considering a change of location. I have a rather, pressing matter to attend to up above. That keeper has served me well, but… enough with her… “ Lautrec begins laughing. The Chosen Undead moves up and turns to see a woman, sitting with her hands on her lap, behind iron bars. She doesn’t look up to notice the Chosen Undead, rather, she doesn’t look like she rather cares for it. Her green hair makes for a showing as it matches her dingy robes. The Chosen Undead makes a remark about having a Fire Keeper Soul. She looks up this time. The Chosen Undead places the Fire Keeper Soul over the bars, and the Fire Keeper points at the Chosen Undead’s waist, at his Estus Flask. The Chosen Undead places the Estus Flask over the bars, and as the Fire Keeper grabs the Fire Keeper Soul, she places it over the Estus. A bright light flashes and before the Chosen Undead could notice what was going on, the Soul had disappeared. The Estus Flask bubbled for a few seconds, and after handing it back to the Chosen Undead, he remarks that it feels more powerful. He thanks the Fire Keeper and heads on his way. The Fire Keeper, Anastacia of Astora, makes no movement to regard the thanks.

The Chosen Undead makes his way  back to the bridge where he fought the Hellkite Drake. He uses the key to unlock the door, and climbs down a ladder.  Upon descending a few flights of stairs, the Chosen Undead finds himself in Lower Undead Burg. He sees piles of bodies being burnt in a corner, along with unmanned wagons and an empty well. Boxes and wooden wheels scattered among the stone floor. Before the Chosen Undead could make any proper footing, he was instantly faced with two Undead Attack Dogs. These Dogs had flesh sticking out as their purple skin indicated their long lost life. They had no ulterior motive other than ravaging the Chosen Undead. They were quick, and ferocious, but weak in nature. Surely a bite, would not be very well for the Chosen Undead, so he had to be careful.  The first Attack Dog leapt up and tried to bite the Chosen Undead, but was met with his shield. As he tried to slice down at the Dog, it leapt back, effectively dodging the strike, and leaving room for the second Attack Dog to give a successful bite to the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead took it head on and stabbed down on the Dog, killing it in one hit. The remaining Dog came rushing in, but before it could jump up to strike, the Chosen Undead impaled his Sword into its back.

The Chosen Undead pressed on, but before he could get far, he noticed a sound. It was behind him, and as he turned he noticed the sound emanated within a door; it was muffled. He searched the doors until he found the source. Although in the distance, he was able to see a horde of Hollows holding torches, they were more than fine being secluded to their own devices, and didn’t really show any hostility towards the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead pressed his ears on the door, and heard a voice.

“Somebody! Please let me out of here! Somebody, anybody!  Help me! Unlock the door!” The Chosen Undead stood back, and with his Sword, smashed the door open. Upon entering, he noticed the room was littered with barrels, in one, was a body. In front of him, however was a man, in blackish robes  who held a staff; a Sorcerer’s Catalyst. He greeted the Chosen Undead.

“Brilliant! You opened the door for me! Thank you; I am saved. I thought I might never escape. I am Griggs of Vinheim. A sorcerer of the school. I am much obliged for your assistance. Thanks to you, I may now resume my travels.” Griggs leaves and the Chosen Undead pillages the body. On it, the Chosen Undead finds a Sorcerer Set and a Sorcerer’s Catalyst; however, he himself is not one versed with such arts.

*Sorcerer Set*

Set worn by proper sorcerers who studied at Vinheim Dragon School.

The majority take pride in having studied at the academy and look down on breaking the formal dress code established for sorcerers.

*Sorcerer’s Catalyst*

Sorcery Catalyst used by sorcerers of Vinheim Dragon School

The Undead pressed on. But before long, as he was making his way through the Lower Undead Burg, he heard the sounds of doors being kicked in. He looked behind him to see two open wooden doors, and two Undead Assassin’s standing in their way. They dressed in a Leather Hood and held their Target Shield up high as their Bandit’s Knife stayed safe near their body. The Chosen Undead studied the two Assassin’s but before he could get good grounding, they began using Throwing Knives. The Chosen Undead blocked the Knives with ease, and charged in towards them. As he got close, he struck down at one of the Undead Assassin’s but this was easily met with a parry. The Assassin then latched onto the Chosen Undead’s head and proceeded to bring his dagger up to the Chosen Undead’s neck. The Chosen Undead struggled, but the Assassins’ Knife lodged itself into the Chosen Undead and left him laying on the floor. The Chosen Undead got up; somehow, and as the Assassin came to finish off his prey, the Chosen Undead bashed away his Knife and proceeded to stab the Assassin hard through his leather robes. The Assassin fell, but the Chosen Undead had no respite as the second Assassin came around towards the Chosen Undead’s back. Before the Chosen Undead could turn in response, the Assassin latched itself on the Chosen Undead’s back and forced a Knife to his throat. The Chosen Undead struggled to throw off the Assassin, and finally got the Undead off of him. As the Assassin stumbled to the floor, and recovered in breakneck speeds, the Chosen Undead gave a downward slam. The Assassin dodged, and then rushed in for a quick stab. The Chosen Undead intercepted with his sword, and then with his shield, bashed the Assassin. As the Assassin stumbled, the Chosen Undead closed in and stuck his sword through the Assassin’s head.  The Chosen Undead took a sip of Estus and moved on.

As he trudged forward, he heard the sounds of more doors being kicked in. Three Undead Assassins lay in his path.  Going forward, two more Undead Attack Dogs also littered the small connecting bridge that led out from the Lower Undead Burg. Both spotted the Chosen Undead and began running towards him. The Chosen Undead focused, although he was faced with far too many enemies to handle, he could still win. One of the closer Assassin’s closed in on him, but before he could strike, the Chosen Undead rolled back; effectively dodging both of the Attack Dog’s bites in the process. The Chosen Undead then impaled one of the Dogs, and rolled out of the way for the second. Two Assassin’s threw Throwing Knives at the Chosen Undead, but was met with his shield. Another came rushing in, to get a quick stab. The Chosen Undead blocked the still remaining dog from biting him then used his Sword to give distance to the Assassin.  As the Assassin skillfully dodged his Sword, the Chosen Undead then shifted his shield’s focus and bashed into the Assassin, leaving him staggered. The Attack Dog then jumped at the Chosen Undead, but was met with a slice through its mouth. The Chosen Undead picked up the pace and did a feint slash at the Assassin and while the Assassin’s failed parry left him vulnerable, the Chosen Undead stabbed through his leather armor. The Chosen Undead then closed in on the remaining two Assassin’s. The Chosen Undead slammed his sword down on the ground, missing the Assassin on purpose. As the Assassin closed in to punish the Chosen Undead, the Chosen Undead grabbed his sword and swung it back up from the ground, effectively cutting clean through the Assassin. The Chosen Undead then used his shield to push the last Assassin’s shield back and followed with a quick stab.

Before pressing on, the Chosen Undead decided to quickly catch his breath. Upon walking further, the Chosen Undead noticed a den of sorts. It was eerily quiet. In fact, dreadfully quiet. As the Chosen Undead stepped into this isolated den, that had stairs leading to a rafter of sorts, he noticed, that this den had a resident. In fact, three of them. The Chosen Undead was suddenly met with a demon. It’s head was that of a goat, with two spiked horns protruding from its skull and four gleaming red eyes. It was standing on two hinged feet and it carried two Demon Great Machetes. The Capra Demon was much shorter than the Taurus Demon, and much shorter than the Asylum Demon. However, with the size it lacks, it makes up in agility. The Capra Demon was just a notion taller than the Chosen Undead. Before engaging the Capra Demon however, the Chosen Undead noticed two Undead Attack Dogs, pets of a sort. The Chosen Undead strengthened the grip of his weapon and shield, and prepared to fight.


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