Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: Depths

Hello once again, this time we are exploring probably one of the most frustrating areas in the game, and right after this, another really frustrating area. This area in of itself really wasn’t all that pleasant, and it really does show. However with the way it is, there are ways to make this perilous journey easy, and with such ease, I have made our Chosen Undead just that much more blessed. But, although he gets past the area, will he be able to stand the creature at the end of the light? Well probably, but not without ease. But that’s for another day. Here you go, “Depths”.

As the Chosen Undead finished resting, he made his way back to where he fought the Capra Demon, and entered the door he had opened previously. After descending two flights of stairs, he found himself in an unfamiliar underground area. All he knew was that he had entered the Depths. But before he could gain a proper standing as to where exactly he should go, he was assaulted by a Hollow. It was a plain Hollow; reddened bones and flesh, holding a rusty knife. The Chosen Undead had no trouble dispatching it with a quick slice. But, before he could advance, he was assaulted  by a Hollow from behind, luckily blocking at the last second and dispatching it. As the Chosen Undead moved forward, he noticed a sort of sitting quarters. An area filled with benches and held atop by stone pillars. Hollows holding torches ran towards the Chosen Undead on sight.

The Chosen Undead slashed through the Hollows with ease. Unlike his previous foes, these simple Hollows served no challenge at his current level. The Chosen Undead doubled around the benches until finding a set of stairs leading down.  An Undead Attack Dog lay waiting at the end of the stairs, but was easily met with a stab. The more pressing matters however was the rather large creature that  was at the end of the room. The room itself seemed to be an extension of the previous, being held up with stone pillars. The only difference was the over lack of benches, and the added butcher table. There was meat on the table, being worked by a Butcher. The Butcher paid no heed to the Chosen Undead. Her helmet seemed to be a Sack, simple patchwork sack that covered her head.  Upon her hand was a Butcher Knife, a large tool that required an abundance of strength to use. It’s gleaming steel cut clean through the meat she was working on. The Chosen Undead did not know whether she was foe or friend, but the most off striking hint might have been the fellow stuck in a barrel just a little ways away from her. He was still alive, barely scathed, but, still.  It was a strange sight, but the man was indeed not trapped in that barrel of his own volition. With little heed to his captor, he spoke to the Chosen Undead.

“You must help me. Or else, she’ll have me for lunch! You’re my only hope.” The Chosen Undead found himself looking at the Butcher, who was still merrily working on the meat placed on the table. The man was Laurentius of the Great Swamp. In a fickle act of fate, he has somehow been found stuck in the barrel, about to be made into cannibal food. The Chosen Undead took a step back, and skillfully broke the barrel with his Sword, freeing Laurentius.

“Thank you. I would have been supper without you. Being eaten alive! I shudder to think. Thank you, thank you dearly. I am Laurentius of the Great Swamp. I will not forget my debt to you.” And that he won’t.  The Butcher looked up from her work, and walked slowly to the Chosen Undead, who had freed her prey. Her Butcher Knife gleamed in the dim light, and as she got close, she swung at the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead blocked the first strike, but as it did, another strike came down at him, leaving his guard vulnerable. Before the Chosen Undead could react to the Butchers last chained strike, a fire ball suddenly hurled itself into the Butchers face, leaving her staggered. From his side, Laurentius had begun casting another flame within his hand. His clothes were ragged, just some torn robes, but his hands were covered in bandages, not from any particular injuries he assumed. Laurentius threw the Fire Orb into the Butcher, leaving her still staggered. The Butcher changed her focus and came rushing at Laurentius with her Knife held high. Laurentius didn’t make a show to dodge the strike coming down at him, but instead cast another pyromancy. He placed his left hand into his right and without further casting, raised his right hand to block the Knife. His hand was glowing a bright sheen, the pyromancy Iron Flesh made it so that Laurentius could withstand the Knife, but also push it back. Laurentius forced the Butcher to back off, and with his left hand, he once again formed a ball of flame. Without hesitating, he rushed up to the Butcher and shoved the Fireball right into the face of the Butcher.  The Chosen Undead then used his Black Knight Sword and finished off the Butcher with a final impale. Before the Chosen Undead could turn and thank Laurentius, he had already vanished.

The Chosen Undead  walked to where the Butcher was , and noticed that the meat on the table was nothing that he had ever seen. Perhaps, victims. The Chosen Undead then noticed something peculiar. Behind the chopping table, was a single hole.  The Chosen Undead jumped down, only to land on a pile of skull and bones. But that was the least of his worries. As he peered off towards a ledge, that led to a lower part of the Depths, he noticed a giant rat. It was the Giant Undead Rat. Like the one he saw in the waterway at the beginning of his journey, but larger. You know how it is. The Chosen Undead thought of fighting it head on, perhaps if he was skillful. But he shook the notion. The beast was simply overwhelming. The area of battle was also not that accommodating, the Giant Undead Rat took a good portion of the room, with very little space to run around. Upon further looking, he noticed that the Depths was a waterway of sorts in its own rights. Between the two walkway ledges, was a giant flowing bed of water. But no matter, the Chosen Undead had to deal with the situation somehow. Surely the Giant Undead Rat wouldn’t simply let him walk by. Not in this era, not in this world. Perhaps in another time, but, even then. Humans are creatures that betray. The Chosen Undead took out a patch of Charcoal Pine Resin and rubbed it against his Black Knight Sword. The Sword began emanating a bright red glow. It was now or never. The Chosen Undead jumped down from the ledge, and plunged right into the Giant Undead Rat. The now burning Sword placed a deep scar into the Rat’s back, but it didn’t matter much as the Chosen Undead jumped off the Rat’s back and immediately started doing a work on the Rat’s body.

The Giant Undead Rat fell without resistance, and the Chosen Undead looted a single Humanity from its body. The Chosen Undead finally found respite, as no further enemies could be seen. The Chosen Undead wandered around and followed the flowing water back to its source. He noticed a small walkway to his right and began walking towards it out of curiosity. Before he could react however, he suddenly fell down a well hidden hole, and descended even further down the Depths. The water in this area was more still, but nonetheless. The walls were covered in grey matter, and there were even corpses littered about. As the Chosen Undead grasped his new setting ,he was suddenly spotted by what appeared to be a large frog like creature. It’s hands and feet were webbed, and on its arms were small wing like fins. It’s eyes bulged out of its head, and below its throat was a small hanging sack. It crawled around on all fours, and studied the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead waited for it to strike first, but, was caught off guard. The Basilisk stood on its two hind legs and let the sack under its throat inflate until it was nearly touching the ground. Suddenly, the sack then deflated and the Basilisk dropped to all fours and sprayed a grey mist at the Chosen Undead. The mist wasn’t harmful at first, but the Chosen Undead soon noticed that his entire being was being put under subjugate the more he stayed in the fog. The fog wasn’t that large spread, so he rolled out of the way and quickly stabbed his Sword into the Basilisk, effectively killing it. The fog contained a curse, staying in that fog would have cursed the Chosen Undead, a fate not so much that of his own.

The Chosen Undead made a turn, but noticed that the area was littered with Basilisk. The Chosen Undead acted quickly and slashed the Basilisk so that they would not emit their fog. After killing the Basilisk, the Chosen Undead continued to walk forward, following the path of the flowing water. At a crossroads, the Chosen Undead noticed water flowing down, probably from the Depths above. As he gets lower, he must be getting closer to where the water was being dumped to. The Chosen Undead turned left and noticed a family of Rats. One was strikingly larger than the other two, but nonetheless, the Chosen Undead readied his Sword. The large Rat jumped first, nicking the Chosen Undead’s shield. The Chosen Undead bashed the Rat out of the way and used his Sword to kill the other two in swift succession. The large Rat jumped back at the Chosen Undead, but was met with his Sword halfway. The Chosen Undead felt a certain strength  convulse in his arm. He’s been through quite a bit, and is used to the world around him. Perhaps, this world of Hollows is the one he was looking for. Perhaps, the only thing he wants is to be a Hollow, and live among this decrepit world. But he knows that is not his fate. That shouldn’t be his fate. Not now, at least not now.  The Chosen Undead pressed on, making a right turn,  and noticed stairs to a slightly upper Depths area. He climbed the stairs, and made his way until arriving at a sort of large walkway. To his right, he could see and hear large portions of water being drained below. To his left, he could see a fenced off area. The entrance being long but broken. Pillars scattered among the dry area, while water still drained in the middle. The area was lit by torches stuck on the wall. The Chosen Undead made his way down the middle of the water, to the fenced area.

As he got close, he noticed that there was a closed door at the end of the fenced area. The Chosen Undead figured he needed another key, and figured that his destination lay below, past this door. As the Chosen Undead was about to leave and head for an arched pathway he had noticed previously, he was interrupted, by a man sitting crossed legged. His armor was extremely eccentric, with his golden horned helm being the most outlandish. His neck was adorned with many small gold pendants, and his eyes were supported by a strange set of glasses, that hooked above his nose rather than under.

“Aye, siwmae. And good day to you. I’m Domhnall of Zena. I’m just, well, a peddler, of sorts. I adore trinkets and oddities, so I trade for them.” The Chosen Undead browsed his wares, but was mostly uninterested in the sets of armor and weapons that he offered.  However, one item seemed to pique the interest of the Chosen Undead. It was Gold Pine Resin.

*Gold Pine Resin*

Rare pine which emits golden sparks.

Affected weapon inflicts rare lightning damage, making it effective against targets which are resilient to both magic and fire. Very effective against dragon family foes.

After purchasing the Gold Pine Resin, the Chosen Undead left for the arched pathway, and ascended a large flight of stairs. He was now standing and looking down on what seemed to be an indoor courtyard. The stone pathway that he was peering off of  had castle like ridges to them. As he peered off into the distance, he noticed a large drop off. The water seemed to be draining towards that drop off.  The Chosen Undead found himself a set of stairs and descended, but was only met with more stairs. After descending the stairs and making sure there were none left, he was met with an arched entry way, into the courtyard he was previously peering off to. He stepped forward, half the floor was covered in water, all draining to the same source. The Chosen Undead kept walking forward, but suddenly, he started feeling rumbling.

The Chosen Undead stood still in the water and focused, soon, something stuck out of the drainage basin. The Chosen Undead couldn’t figure what it was, it looked like a lizard of sorts, but to be able to see it at the range the Chosen Undead was meant it was extremely large. The lizard like creature suddenly looked up, and the Chosen Undead then realized that it wasn’t a lizard. Beneath the head of the creature, were spikes, presumably, teeth. They were slimy and shined in the lowlight. The creature’s huge hands then stuck out of the water and grabbed onto the surface of the courtyard. As it got a grip, it began climbing out of the basin, and stretched its body out onto the courtyard. It was a large creature, with two sets of hind legs, totaling four legs. It’s two front arms also served as legs; it crawled on all six. The Chosen Undead also noticed that it had wings sticking out of the side of it, however, they looked broken. As the Gaping Dragon noticed the Chosen Undead, it stood on its four legs and roared as it’s huge mouth pointed towards the top of the courtyard; it’s teeth lining every inch of its flesh. The Gaping Dragon wasn’t a perfect dragon, but was rather a remnant of the ages long past. Either way, it was content at the new meal it’s found.


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