Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: Gaping Dragon

Hello once again, this time with a boss that in hindsight is actually quite easy. But of course I gave this fight just a little bit more to make it just that much more awesome. The Gaping Dragon was probably one of the most intimidating boss fights, I mean have you seen this thing crawl up from down below? It’s terrifying. It was too bad that the actual fight was pretty simple and was just a big long waiting game. But either way, we have one more obstacle before we finally get both Bells of Awakening, and where the real action starts. Here you go, “Gaping Dragon”.

The Gaping Dragon stood on its four legs and barred it’s teeth at the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead stood his distance, and waited for a moment to strike. Judging from the way things might go, fighting this remnant of a dragon might be quite difficult.  The area of battle was quite large, and the Gaping Dragon only covered barely half of the arena at a time. If the Chosen Undead waited and timed it right, he would be able to avoid any of its strikes. Considering the size of the creature, its attacks would have to be slow winded, and would probably cover a large area, but at the same time, would leave it extremely vulnerable. With this in mind, the Chosen Undead chose his range wisely as he advanced to the Gaping Dragon.

As the Chosen Undead came more within range, the Gaping Dragon lowered its stance and came crashing down on the Chosen Undead.  The Chosen Undead rolled out of the way in time, before the body of the Gaping Dragon could crush him under its weight. Or perhaps, before he would be devoured by its body like mouth. Anywhere near the middle of the Gaping Dragon existed it’s mouth, lined with sharp teeth, and that would be a problem to approach. But his lower body and his tail and feet were all exposed. As the Chosen Undead thought this, the Gaping Dragon began crawling towards the Chosen Undead with great strength, leaving small vibrations with each step, and, if anything were in the way; rubble.  The Chosen Undead rolled out of the Gaping Dragon’s stride, and once it stopped, came in to cut into the flesh of the Gaping Dragon. His Sword cut into the Gaping Dragon’s legs, but there was nary a sign of pain nor damage. It simply cut and nothing more. The Gaping Dragon then perched itself back on its four hind legs and chased the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead backed off, and waited for the Gaping Dragon’s next move.

The Gaping Dragon didn’t take lightly to what his first attack was, and thus, used it’s broken wings to take flight.  The Chosen Undead looked up at amazement as the Gaping Dragon flew into the air, nearly touching the ceiling of the courtyard. The Gaping Dragon used its wings to slowly fly to the Chosen Undead, the Chosen Undead ran from the vicinity. Although the Gaping Dragon was slow, it’s body was able to cover a larger area than the Chosen Undead could avoid. If he wanted to dodge, he would need to run now, or undergo the risk of being crushed. As the Gaping Dragon stalked the Chosen Undead; slowly but surely, the Gaping  Dragon’s wings gave in.  It flopped back onto the ground, causing anything under it to be crushed, luckily the Chosen Undead had already made distance. As the Gaping Dragon stood on the ground with its four hind feet, it began pulsating. The massive mouth-body of the Gaping Dragon began churning and without warning, a massive amount of acid spilled on the battlefield.

The Chosen Undead ran towards the edge of the water basin to avoid the mass of acid that was now draining to wherever it was draining. The Chosen Undead slowly regained the distance, and as he got close, the Gaping Dragon slammed down once again. The Chosen Undead avoided the attack by simply being further than the slam. The Chosen Undead noticed that the small head of the Gaping Dragon was vulnerable in this state, and ran up to give it a few slashes before running a distance as the Gaping Dragon began its trampling crawl. The Gaping Dragon was tough indeed, but there was one thing that the Chosen Undead knew that could make a difference, Dragon descendant or not.

As the Gaping Dragon stood back on its hind legs, the Chosen Undead raced around, near its tail. The Gaping Dragon did not take fond of this maneuver, and simply swiped its large tail at the Chosen Undead, which was met with a sturdy block. The Chosen Undead continued to double back, and the Gaping Dragon, simply tired of this,  flew using its wings, leaving the Chosen Undead vulnerable. This time however, the Gaping Dragon flopped back onto the ground rather quickly and assumed its standing position. As it noticed the Chosen Undead in front of it, it leaned forward ever so slightly and used its hands to sweep in for the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead acted quickly and rubbed his Sword with the Gold Pine Resin. His Sword began sparking, and just as the hand of the Gaping Dragon came within range, the Chosen Undead gripped his Sword and cut into the hand. The Gaping Dragon didn’t give, and simply used its other hand to attempt another grab at the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead didn’t falter and used his now lightning induced sword to stab into the hand, forcing it back. As the Gaping Dragon took the damage, it reverted back to its crawling form, and left itself to the Chosen Undead’s barrage of attacks against its head.

The Gaping Dragon rushed forward to trample the Chosen Undead, but the Chosen Undead  plunged his Sword deep into the layer of skin above its mouth like body, and using it as a hook of sorts, jumping onto the Gaping Dragon’s back. The Chosen Undead gripped hard and made sure not to falter off the back as the Gaping Dragon began its mislead trample. As the Gaping Dragon was finished, the Chosen Undead lifted his Sword and jumped off the back of the Gaping Dragon, just in time for it to assume it’s standing position. The Chosen Undead stood back and read the movements of the Gaping Dragon. The Gaping Dragon had no patience this time, and simply slammed onto the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead dodged backwards, and made enough room so that he could stab his Sword through the now exposed head.

As the Chosen Undead’s Sword lodged itself inside the Gaping Dragon’s head, the Chosen Undead twisted and turned the Sword, leaving sparks to resound in the air as the Gold Pine Resin was still in effect. The Chosen Undead was astounded by the vitality of the beast, but decided that there was only one option left.  As before, just before the Chosen Undead was about to be trampled, the Chosen Undead lodged his Sword onto the Gaping Dragon and flung himself onto it’s back. But, as the Gaping Dragon assumed it’s standing position to throw off the Chosen Undead, he simply strengthen his grip, and as the Gaping Dragon was now standing, and the Chosen Undead was hanging from its back; he put his plan in motion. He loosened the grip on his Sword ever so slightly off the back, and instead poured all of his strength in a downward motion. As he was already hanging on the back, all he needed to do was plant his feet on the Dragon’s skin and push downward. The Chosen Undead began sliding down the Gaping Dragon with his Sword, leaving a large gaping wound in his trail. As the Chosen Undead finally reached the end of the back, he leapt off, and waited. Before he knew it, the Gaping Dragon fell, leaving a big crash in the flowing water, and a big dent to a nearby fallen pillar. The Chosen Undead noticed something shining near the Gaping Dragon’s body, and went to examine. It was the Blighttown Key. Upon that, he also scavenged a Humanity.

*Blighttown Key*

Key to Blighttown from the Depths of the Undead Burg. Swallowed by the Gaping Dragon.

As its name suggests, Blighttown is a place of great pestilence. Even the polluted inhabitants of the Depths are aware of its dangers, and built this mighty door in hopes that they could remain safely separated.


The Chosen Undead returned to where he met Domhnall, but was surprised to see him gone. No matter, he thought as he used the Key to open the large door. The Chosen Undead felt the night of the underground as soon as the door opened, and stepped forward on the stone walkway. To his left, he noticed a small Bonfire, just before a ladder, to where he assumed led to the accursed Blighttown. He took his rest.


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