Dark Souls: Tale Of Lordran: Second Bell Of Awakening

Hello once again on this rare Saturday, since as many may have realized, I usually don’t post on Saturdays, but hey, I’m posting on a Saturday. And you know what? As I sit here and as I really expand my Manga reading repertoire, I’ve come back to realize the very reason why I didn’t really become such a big Manga person in the first place. It’s the tantalizing release schedules, some almost post daily, but others a dreadful monthly. And hey I realize, it’s hard to do these things, I mean there are teams dedicated to this, but at the end of the day/month, when you go back to checking all of your Manga releases (And yes, there are gonna be a lot, I mean if your an avid reader it gets crazy) can you really keep up with it all? I mean having to remember all the details on a monthly basis, is agonizing, on a weekly basis, not so much, but when everything crashes down, it’s pretty hard. Or maybe it’s just at the sheer speed that we consume Manga that I’m really feeling. Ah whatever, here you go, “Second Bell Of Awakening.”

As the Chosen Undead entered the area, he noticed what seemed to be giant eggs and silk surrounding the walls. The creature in front of him might have confirmed his suspicion. It was Chaos Witch Quelaag. Like many of the daughters of chaos, Quelaag has succumbed to  a demonic alias. Although, her condition, is much better off than most of her siblings.

Quelaag’s entire lower torso had been malformed into a giant spider. It’s dark legs all fashioned a fang at the end, letting it grip onto most surfaces, and letting them be a dangerous weapon. Most of the spiders body was covered in flames, but it did not look the least bit in pain. On top of the spiders head, was Quelaag herself. Her upper body was not that of a demon, rather, that of a beautiful woman, if not for her demonic lower half, perhaps she could have lived a normal life. Although a Witch, her looks alone were more than enticing, maybe all the more fitting for a witch, perhaps?  But that did not bother the Chosen Undead, after all, her left hand held her Furysword, which was completely engulfed in flames. The Chosen Undead had to writhe away the spiders body, as fighting the attached Quelaag herself might prove difficult.  Although at hindsight they were two beings, Quelaag surely had complete control of her movements, and thus with the body of a spider had the upper hand in the battle.

Before making much distance, Quelaag jumped at the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead rolled out of the way, as if not to get impaled by the spikes which adorned the spider’s legs. But the Chosen Undead was not given much room to breathe. Quelaag immediately used her Furysword to swipe at the Chosen Undead from above. The Chosen Undead rolled back to avoid the horizontal swipe, but was met by Quelaag’s quick stab; which the Chosen Undead met with his own block. Quelaag then moved herself closer and used one of her spider legs to stab the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead blocked, but due to the size and what he was dealing with, could not parry. Quelaag took this to her advantage as she used her sword and swung over the Chosen Undead, breaking his guard at last. Quelaag took advantage of his broken guard as she impaled the Chosen Undead with her Furysword.

She brought the Chosen Undead up before slamming him back into the ground. Of course with the way things are, she gave no time for recovery and no heed that her foe might have already been defeated. She brought her spider leg up and just as she was about to impale the Chosen Undead once more, the Chosen Undead rolled on the ground with a hair to spare and used his Sword to make distance. Quelaag jumped out of the way as well, giving the Chosen Undead time to drink an Estus and regain his posture. The Chosen Undead decided that staying shielded might be a problem. If she were to simply chain her strikes at the right time, without worry of parry, it would easily tire the Chosen Undead again leaving him vulnerable. He had to dodge correctly, and use her restrained upper body to his advantage.  Quelaag jumped at the Chosen Undead, leaving him to roll out of the way, but, instead of chaining her next strike, she used her spiders mouth to spew lava. The spider’s mouth opened and a chain of lava began shooting at the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead dodged in time, but the battle grounds were now stained with the lava. The Chosen Undead wasn’t too worried about the restriction of battle, but was more worried that getting hits in were going to be tough. However, he did notice that spewing that lava took quite a launch time. In other words, the Chosen Undead concluded that using her spider to shoot lava was probably the best time for the Chosen Undead to exploit that slowness. In fact, even when she uses her spider to poke at him, the Chosen Undead noted that the legs aren’t actually as quick as he thought they were. They were probably also pretty easy to break.

The Chosen Undead got into a decent distance and began tracking Quelaag as he waited for her next attack. Quelaag started off with her usual stride and jumped at the Chosen Undead. The Chosen Undead rolled, and then waited for her next strike, which was made by her spiders leg. The Chosen Undead saw his chance. As the leg missed the Chosen Undead, he immediately followed up with a cut. The Sword peeled off a bit of flesh, but not enough. Quelaag turned her body and swiped at the Chosen Undead, which was met with a roll. The Chosen Undead stayed relatively near Quelaag.

As Quelaag jumped back to gain distance and perched her spiders head forward, the Chosen Undead made sure he was ready. Just as he noticed that the spiders mouth opened, he made a sprint through the right to reach the spider. He looked back to see the spider’s missed lava spew on the ground, and as he got close, cleaved another chunk of flesh off of the spider’s leg. Quelaag attempted to turn her body, but the Chosen Undead answered by using all of his strength into one forceful cleave. His Sword struck deep into the spiders leg, which crippled it and forced it to stop. The leg was forced on its knee and the Chosen Undead used this to his advantage. The Chosen Undead stabbed his Sword into the body of the spider, and twisted it. He could hear Quelaag and the spiders cries, but ignored it. As the Chosen Undead dragged his sword out of the spiders body, Quelaag responded by jumping back. There was quite a bit of distance, and as the spider wounded up for another long range lava shot, the Chosen Undead cut to his left and ran for the legs. This time however, Quelaag aimed in front of her, and left a pool of lava between them. The Chosen Undead couldn’t tell which way the shot was going to be, and was left with a pool of lava between them.

As the Chosen Undead doubled around the lava, he noticed that Quelaag’s body was slumped over. The Chosen Undead thought nothing of it and simply went up to disable her left leg. But just before he could get a hit in, Quelaag suddenly shot up, and the body of the spider responded aptly. Without warning, the Chosen Undead was suddenly shot back as he noticed particles of red expounding in the air. The Chosen Undead took quite a hit from that spell, and as he got up, noticed a scurrying Quelaag about to stab him with her Furysword. The Chosen Undead managed to dodge a close call, but was pretty weak from the last explosion.  As Quelaag raised her Furysword once again, the Chosen Undead had no choice but to try a last ditch strategy. The Chosen Undead’s right hand began emanating as he began channeling his energy. He could get something out, but it may not be that effective against a being that dwelled within the flames themselves. Just as Quelaag’s Furysword came down onto the Chosen Undead, he raised his hand and erupted a pillar of flame from his hand. It was Fire Whip. He used it in a roundabout way and deflected the oncoming sword. That was but all he could muster though, and the flames subsided quite quickly, which gave him enough time to take advantage of the situation. Just as Quelaag brought her sword down again to strike the Chosen Undead,  the Chosen Undead rolled under the sword, and was placed in a position between the legs and body of the spider. The Chosen Undead then raised his Sword and pierced it right into the side of the spider.  As Quelaag moved back against the pain, the Chosen Undead took this chance to drink an Estus, with his Sword still lodged into the spider.

Quelaag used her spiders leg to push back the Chosen Undead as he was drinking, rendering some of the effect useless. But nevertheless, the Chosen Undead had a plan up his sleeve. The Sword now stuck inside of Quelaag’s spider body was going to be a problem for her, and it seems that getting it out was hard considering her position. But nevertheless, Quelaag used her spider head to shoot a pool of lava in front of her, and bent over to grab the Sword lodged inside of her. The Chosen Undead used this as a chance to enact his plan. The Chosen Undead rushed over, around the pool of lava, which restricted him quite a bit, but nonetheless, made it to Quelaag as she was handling the Sword inside of her. Just as Quelaag pulled out the Sword and discarded it on the ground, the Chosen Undead used his free right hand and conjured a pillar of flame. The Chosen Undead then aimed his Fire Whip at the human body of Queelaag, as she was not armored and was extremely exposed.  However as the Whip came to her body, she used her Furysword to expunge most of the flames. As this was happening, the Chosen Undead rolled forward and grabbed his Sword. Quelaag used her upper body to reach over to her side to swipe at the Chosen Undead, but was met with his Shield. As soon as the block came into contact, the Chosen Undead immediately came out of stance and took a slice at Quelaag’s human arm. As he thought, Quelaag’s human form didn’t have the same strength as her spider half. As the cut left Quelaag’s arm more than immobile, the Chosen Undead decided to finish it.

The Chosen Undead drove his Sword through the spider half of Quelaag once again, and as the spider body of Quelaag fell to its knees, he lifted his Sword, and forced it through the human Quelaag. The Chosen Undead didn’t think much of it, but as Quelaag was quivering over the sword that had found its way through her bare body, she looked at the Chosen Undead; a face of regret, perhaps even anger washed over her face. And before he knew it, Quelaag fell. Her Furysword’s fire was extinguished, and all that was left was her Soul.

*Soul of Quelaag*

Soul of Quelaag, once daughter of the Witch of Izalith, but now a chaos demon.

Special beings have special souls, and Quelaag’s soul contains all aspects of Chaos.

As the Chosen Undead defeated Quelaag, he noticed a set of stairs. After climbing them, he entered what seemed to be a tower of sorts. Eggs and silk still astounded the walls, but upon further venture, he noticed a lever, and a bell that hung above his head. The Chosen Undead walked over to the lever and pulled it back, which caused the bell to swing back and forth and exuberate a loud ringing. Both Bells of Awakening have now been rung. The Chosen Undead decided to head back to Firelink Shrine, and see to his exploits.


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