That Day In Winter: Part 3

Hello once again, and this time, we have the real “meat” of the series since this is the longest entry in the series and is really where most of the important parts happen. Funny thing about this series is I was actually planning on something winter related for a while since you know, I love winter. And I knew I wanted it to be kind of like this, like a “Remembering that day in winter” kind of story, but I never really got around to know how I would go about it. But as I was sitting at a doctor’s office, being bored, and indifferent about the whole matter, I kind of thought up the entire premise in my head, of course some kinks and the like weren’t there, but I generally had what I wanted. Goes to show just how much a bad experience (I hate waiting at doctors offices!) can turn to a good one. Anyway, here you go,”That Day In Winter: Part 3″.

Eventually, time moved on. But I didn’t. I was still the same old pathetic lonely kid. Time had moved on so much, that it felt like I was being swept away. You know what? I used to hate winter. You know, my mother was so protective of me. During the summer, I was smeared in sunscreen. And during the winter, I was so tuckered up I couldn’t even move.

I woke up on that faithful day and stared out the window to be amazed nonetheless. Whether it was when I was ten, or now, I’m still speechless whenever I see that field of white. My eyes and mouth must have been so wide when I saw that field, it really was beautiful back there. Sometimes, I wish I could go back, just go back in the winter, and wait.

On that day, I was probably geared up to go mountain climbing, I really could barely move, but luckily my father chimed in and noted that it wasn’t that cold. Well, it was still cold, but not cold enough for me to be a walking fur coat. So, with my mother’s consent, I was finally able to go outside and play. I wore a normal jacket, some mittens, and this really bright red scarf that my mother knitted for me.

At the time, I didn’t really expect anyone to play with me. They were probably all at home anyway. I went out near the school to a spot I knew that had this huge grass field that was usual off limits during school time. This was my own domain, I was the only person here, and the only thing for as far as my kid eyes could see were blankets of snow. I think the first thing I did when I ran down that hill was jump out and  land in the snow face first. I was making a snow angel while my face got buried in snow, and once I got up and wiped myself off, I remember laughing. I was truly happy at that moment. But then, as I looked around, and noticed that I was the only one on the field, I started feeling a little lonely again. Sure I was laughing pretty happily in one moment. But I think I realized that it wasn’t that fun without someone to share that laughter with. I began getting sad again, and I simply looked up and watched the snow fall. I don’t know how long I must have stared at the sky, but I remember that it hardly moved under my breath.

Sooner or later, I would get back into action. I started off with a small snowball. I grabbed it tight, and made sure that it didn’t break. Then, slowly but surely, I started rolling it. Before I knew it, it was huge.  Just as I almost had the body of the snowman ready, I began hearing crunching behind me. There was a lot of crunching. I turned, to see five boys creep up on me. Before I could do anything, one of them had already circled around and kicked down my snowman.  Although the snowball itself was already badly crushed, he just kept stomping on it. He kept stomping, and stomping, until even the pieces of the snowball were no longer present; until only a mound of random snow was present. During that whole experience, the only thing I could do was watch in terror as the kid crushed my hard work under his feet, and listen to the laughter of the other boys. After they were done ruining my snowman, one of the kids pushed me into the snow and stood towering over me.

“You’re just a little kid.” I think I found that funny at the time.

“Not going to fight back?” I swallowed my pride and just sat there in the snow. They didn’t do anything else after that, they just sneered at me and went about their little way. I picked myself up and looked at the pile of snow that used to be my snowman. I felt like starting again, but something about that thought made me shutter, so I ended up leaving it.

I remember breathing into my cupped hands, watching as my breath hit my hands. It was lonely again. I probably didn’t feel like doing anything more at that point. Those five kids kind of just ruined it for me for the rest of the day, so I turned and decided to make my way back.  I decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble to just walk alone in the snow all the way back to my house, so I decided to take a shortcut. Except, it wasn’t much a shortcut than another route that I never really took and didn’t know my way around; and so I got lost.

And eventually, while I was making my way around this new route, with no idea of how to get back or where to go, my mind went crazy. The feelings of loneliness surrounded me.

“There was no one here. No one was going to come find me. I’m all alone.” I couldn’t stand it anymore, and so I simply went on my knees. I felt like crying, I felt like screaming, but even then, I knew, that no one was going to be there for me. At that moment, I just wanted to disappear, I just wanted to be left alone.

But then, she came.  She came before I even realized it. Before I could even imagine what was going on, it was already happening. I didn’t believe what I was seeing before my eyes. It was a girl, I later found out that she was the same age as me. She had golden hair, to my eyes, they were shining brightly in the snow, almost blindingly.  It was flowing behind her, long but dignified. Her eyes were staring right at me, but…. for some reason I just can’t remember them that well.  All I remember were her eyes were wide with surprise, and happiness for some reason. She smiled at me, with her head to the side, almost as if not knowing what to do with who she found. I thought she was a foreigner or something, but surprisingly, she wasn’t.

“Hello?” Her accent was clear, and her voice was soothing. It was a person’s voice, a girl no less. I think my little heart couldn’t stop beating, I didn’t know what was going on. I still don’t. I tried to answer her back, but the only thing that I could muster, was a sad excuse of a word. I ended up not talking, but she continued.

“What are you doing out here? It’s cold you know, if you stay like that, you’ll definitely catch a cold.” She wasn’t that bundled up herself. Her winter wear was actually quite light in fact, so I was quite surprised when she told me that. The only thing that brought me back to reality, was when she bent over to give me her hand, “Come on.” I accepted and once I got pulled up, confirming it was an actual person and not my imagination, I felt my voice coming back to me.

“What’s your name?” I gave her my name, but I couldn’t remember hers, despite her giving it to me. I asked her, “Hey, why are you here?” She looked up to me, almost confusingly at my question. But she answered anyway.

“I was just taking a walk. But you still haven’t answered me you know.” She gave me a cute little pout that caught me off guard.

“I was….. I got lost.” She looked at me with wide eyes.


“Yeah, I was trying to get home.”

“You don’t know how to get home?” She was honestly confused, an innocence that I just couldn’t do anything about.

“No, I know how to get home, it was just….” I didn’t want to say that I was just using this path because I thought it was a shortcut but ended up not knowing my way around. But I ended up going with that anyway, and she laughed.

“You’re so silly!” Her smile gave me a little warmth, despite the harsh winter day. I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Hey, want to go somewhere?” I didn’t know how to respond to her question, but I thought that I wouldn’t mind, since I wasn’t alone anymore, so I accepted. If not for her, I definitely wouldn’t have found my way home that day. I really had no idea where I was going, or where I was. Eventually, where that girl would take me, was somewhere that I never expected.  Before my eyes, as we looked on top of a hill, was a blanket of snow that stretched all the way to the ocean. I could hear the low tides sweeping in and saw the beautiful reflection in the water. It was some kind of beach shore, I thought. But that wasn’t all she wanted to show me. She grabbed my hand, “Come on!” It was different from when she was just picking me up, her hand this time felt more human for some reason. Like she was accepting me. Despite my mittens, her hands still exuded a permanence of warmth. I didn’t know where she was dragging me, but eventually, I began putting everything in my head. She grabbed something from a nearby bush. It was a tiny little sled that she had hidden.

“My sister would never let me do this,” She said with a smile.

“So don’t tell her, okay?” I just couldn’t brisk away that innocent smile. Without further need of words, we both got on the sled, she took the lead, but even then I was still wary.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” She looked at me with another one of her signature smiles, this time, with a little bit more smug.

“Are you scared?”

“Me?” I didn’t want to admit it, but the hill looked pretty steep to me. Nevertheless, I swallowed my pride and just shook my head.

“Good, then, let’s go!” With that, we began sliding down the hill. I felt scared out of my mind at first, the wind blew into my face, cold waves were sent through my body. But as we kept going, I eventually stopped caring. I was having fun. It was actually fun. The girl in front of me kept laughing the whole way, with her arms up into the sky. And I couldn’t blame her. I eventually joined in. As we hit the bottom of the hill, my head was still spinning from the exhilaration. I had so much fun that I almost forgot that I was with her. But when I looked at her face, the only thing I could see was sadness.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” She looked like she was about to cry. I didn’t know why, and so I went into a panic, thinking of anything I could do to calm her. And the only thing I could do, was take off my bright red scarf, and wrap it around her. She looked up at me, surprised once again.

“I just….. didn’t want to see you cry.” She looked down at my scarf, and placed her hands over it. She smiled, a smile filled with sadness, but, it was a beautiful smile. She smiled with her eyes and her mouth, and I think the thing that made me fall for her, was the fact that her smile, was so contagious.

“Thank you. But, it’s okay.” She took off my scarf and handed it back to me.

“It’s a really nice scarf.”

“Yeah, my mom made it.” I took it back, and after gathering the sled and hiding it back in that bush, we decided to head back. For the duration of the time we spent during that walk, we never talked. I was just too nervous to say anything and she….. didn’t seem like she wanted to. But, I mustered up the courage, just as we finally came back to that field that I was so familiar with.

“Will you be here tomorrow?” That was the only thing I could say. Nothing more came from my mouth. Nothing could. That was the last chance I had to say anything else. And, she never answered me. Instead, she gave me a weak smile, and simply ran off, before I had the chance. I really didn’t know what was going on through her head. Why she was there, why she decided to help me up and play with me. I didn’t know. But I think at that moment, as she ran off, with her eyes on the verge of tears, with her sweet smile trailing off behind her, I think at that moment, I was in love.


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