That Day In Winter: Part 5

Hello once again to this fine Friday (If it’s Friday, wherever you are) but today is the last day and the last entry to this small mini project thing that I wanted to do about my favorite season, winter. For some reason, I feel like winter is a name of a character but I just can’t put a face to it. Whenever I say winter I feel like I’m forgetting something (hmm…) but anyway, this is the shortest of all the entries by far, and brings us right back to where we started, and I think is a pretty neat way to wrap this whole thing up, the ending is left to be interpreted…. here you go, “That Day In Winter: Part 5”

“And that’s why I love winter. ” As the man finished his story, he got up and stretched his body. He walked up towards the window and placed his hand over it, a feeling of longing stretched out to his fingers. The woman got up as well, and leaned over him, her warm body stuck onto his shoulder. For a moment, they didn’t speak, but soon the woman broke the silence.

“Well, to be honest, I love winter as well.”


“Believe it or not.”

“So, what are your reasons?”

“I have three of them.” The woman stepped back from the man and gave him a mischievous smile. She took three fingers out.

“One: I also like winter better than summer.” She took one finger down.

“Two:  I also like winter because everything sparkles.” She was down to her last finger, and her smile grew wider and wider with each reason. The man almost thought of it as teasing as all her reasons so far were identical to his. But surely, the last reason couldn’t be the same as his, he thought. There was no way, just no way that was possible. But the woman simply smiled her brightest, her smile warming the room, and her smile didn’t falter.

“Three: the last reason why I love winter, is because, it brings people back together.” She brought both of her arms behind her and gave him another big smile. The man was confused, and so he asked.

“What do you mean?” The woman thought of her response. She was feeling a little mean, and wanted to tease the man for not knowing. She stood straight up and turned her body around, only leaning her head over slightly, so that the man would barely see her face.

“That’s a secret!”

“Hey! That’s not fair, I told you about my story.” The woman made a small pout on her face, and then giggled.

“Winter brings people together, it brings back memories, and it brings back feelings of warmth. Despite being so cold, winter brings the most warmth to us. Winter is a special season. It’s a season  of love, of youth, and of nostalgia. I love winter because I’ll always remember that day in that town, where I met a boy,” The woman turned fully before finishing her sentence.

“Who was shivering in the snow.”


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