Hello once again, it has definitely been a while, a long while.  But, nonetheless I have been writing almost on a daily basis. The downside to that is that they are mostly contest pieces and the like, and therefore will be kept on my back burner until further notice.  But yeah, I’ve been dead here. However, things are going to get exciting, especially in a week or so when November hits. Once that happens, I’ll be doing daily posts for the entire month as I participate in National Novel Writing Month (Nano). In basic terms, I write a novel, I have 30 days, I can’t miss a day. I’ll have a bunch of other work to do as well and, you know what, next month is going to be absolute hell, and it’s going to be the most fun I’m gonna have in a long while.  But less on that, and more on this. It wouldn’t be a traditional post if I didn’t post some random short story at the end. So here it is, a short story in exactly 349 words, “Purged”.

I agonizingly stood by the doorway, waiting for purgatory to open. I had arrived ten minutes ago, and I had finally reached my wits end. My legs were shaking in anticipation, and it became hard to stand still. The air around me grew colder and colder, and soon I had to wrap my body with my arms as to not grow older. My eyes were darting back and forth, and not once but twice they saw all but respite. My ears were ringing with silence, even the tiniest scurry would have alerted me.

Before I knew it everything was slowly fading to black; my vision narrowed, my limbs numbed, and even my very breath was being stolen. My nose itched for salvation as the stench of putrid bodily matter filled the atmosphere. My mind slowly began fading into a spiral of demonic whispers. If not for the containment of the dastard casket that I had found myself in, I would have surely succumbed to great madness.

Soon enough I realized that all was not well. The state I was in before was well but not unwell enough to be called so then. I was slowly shifting from a state of self contained madness to a state of utter consumption. And I wanted to break free from that consumption. The darkness closed in on me, hands reached out to grab me into nothingness, and I couldn’t move. Every muscle in my body had thus stopped responding, all the while my breathing had pitched to match a car. It was suffocating, and I couldn’t even scream.

Finally, as my last dying wishes had been ushered into the open space of burning hell, the door opened. A gust of air blew into my face with the intensity of a storm of needles. My face began peeling back and my body shriveled into a shell of disheveled organs. My paradise was only a step away, but my body had faltered into a gearless heap. At least before I shut down, I heard a looming voice.

“The stall’s open, are you using the toilet?”

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