Home For The Unwanted: Chapter 30

Hello once again. Today is the last day, and with that, because I’ve already ended it off where I wanted to, today will only be a short epilogue type chapter. It’s honestly been crazy and it’s been a blast doing NanoWrimo, and I would totally opt in for anyone to try it, I know I’ll be doing this again. But yeah, it’s been a long journey, and hopefully I can get more short stories and more posts for the next coming months, I have some things planned and some things I’ve been meaning to do, some of which, doesn’t necessarily involve stories at all, but…. we’ll see on that. For now, here you go, Home For The Unwanted, “Chapter 30” Epilogue. 



“You know me well.”

“You don’t change.”

“Perhaps so.” Amanda gave a sly smile and brought her cup to her lips, allowing the black liquid to drain into her mouth.

“Any new jobs?” Amanda looked at the file in her hand and skimmed through the yellow pages.

“Can’t say there are.”

“Loose leafs?” Amanda nodded her head and placed her cup on the table.

“Dry air?” Amanda gave another sly smile and walked over to the window and peered through the blinds, seeming to be searching for air.

“Cold winds?”

“Enough!” Amanda waved her off and gave a causal smile. She turned towards her and leaned on the window.

“Too formal, it’s not like you.” Amanda went over to pat her on the head. She smiled and went over to peer out of the window.

“It’s not. But it’s fine, right?” Amanda gave it some thought, and then scuttled over to her desk. A folder of white paper was spilled on the desk. Amanda reached over and tidied the pile.

“It’s fine.”

“Long work day?” Amanda picked up the folder and grabbed her coat.

“To make amends? Yeah.” She walked over to the door and opened it slowly, her white shirt being brushed aside.

“James is going to laugh at us again.”

“Right. But he knows we saved his sorry self.” She nodded vehemently, and came to Amanda’s side.

“Ever hear from them?”

“It hasn’t even been a year.”

“Right,” Amanda said wistfully, “Right,” Amanda said with a sigh of relief.

“But–” She paused, “It would be sad if I did, I think.”

“Really?” Amanda said, only understanding one part of her story.

“Yeah. After all, I lied to them.” Amanda didn’t reply, but as they began heading for the exit of their building, she perked up.

“But you did apologize, right?” Amanda only knew one part of the story. And even that was a lie.

“Yeah. I did,” She replied, lying once more. Although, she would digress, and she would say that anyone looking for apologies would find them in the right place. Anyone looking for retribution would find what she had left, and anyone looking to seek out right from wrong, would be able to find her. Although, finding her now was a question of pure morals, not smarts, she thought. Finding her now, wouldn’t be quite as good as it was back then. But she lived with it. She had to. That was her resolution. She made no mistakes.


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