All I have to say is, here you go.

We live through inspiration, all of us, whether we want to or not. Our lives are based on inspiration. You can try and argue but even then, that’s caused by an inspiration in of itself. When we wake up, we’re inspired. When we do work, we’re inspired, even down to the most miscellaneous things we do, we’re inspired. Face it, we live by inspiration. New things come from inspiration, our survival is from inspiration, our words are from inspiration. Even when you say you’re living for another person, when your protecting another person, when your whole world becomes another person’s, is that not inspiration? Everything we do is based on our selfish inspiration and is that really so bad? Inspiration brings innovation, inspiration brings happiness and even when inspiration brings sadness, it is up to us to inspire, perspire and raise the bar so that it won’t ever happen again. Our inspiration can only bring us so far, so let’s raise it to the stars.


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