Back-Alley Deal

Hello, and today we have something that is a bit different from what I would usually tread with. It’s a psychological thriller of sorts, and although I personally don’t find it the best of my works, I do think it’s worth something in of itself. Perhaps the antagonists involved could be part of a much larger whole, and lead a story all on their own, but this small snippet is just a little exploration into a territory of untapped crime. Really, I think that’s the theme, of unexpected crimes and the inane boredom of those who do it. That in a world seemingly moral and right, there is always corruption and people are always dying. And somewhere in the middle of that, is corrupt justice. Here you go, “Back-Alley Deal”.

Misanthropic stares and thoughts of anathema filled the backstreet alley as George was dragged in with a gun to his head. George was simply running an errand that day, to go to the grocery store. However, after taking a wrong turn, still unaccustomed to the city he was living in, George grew lost. He figured it was pernicious of him to panic and thus simply walked mindlessly hoping for a sliver of hope to appear. That sliver did appear though not for George, for his two assailants, Kyle and June.  Kyle spotted an unattended George from afar, and clued June in on the situation.  June nodded her head with alacrity, and beckoned Kyle to move into new positions. Once they had established good hiding spots, they both took out their weapons of choice, a gun for Kyle, and a knife for June, and waited for George to pass by.

George struggled, and just as he was about to yell, Kyle stuffed his mouth with cloth, and tied it around his head. Kyle then pushed George against the wall, and pressed his foot against George’s stomach to stop his belligerent struggling.  Kyle smiled, and brought the gun to face George, such that the barrel would appear like a gleaming steel pipe. Kyle was so engrossed in his own egregious manner that he began laughing hysterically. And without  warning, as if through experience, became an erudite, his face tensed and his laughing subsided, and he scowled at George, “You must be lost.” George began darting his eyes, looking for some semblance of hope, trying to stay sanguine and grasp onto a thread of hope, wherever that may be.  Though, only Kyle and June knew that there was no hope for George, and that whatever happens to him, is only befitting for the likes of them. Kyle even thought his actions to be altruistic, and that thought, made him laugh again.

“So, what shall we do with you?” Kyle said as his demeanor shifted back to his serious anger filled stare. Kyle brought the gun barrel towards his own chest, and took out a small tube from his pocket. He then attached it to the top of the barrel, and twisted it tightly. He smiled, and then looked at the end of the alleyway, where a half broken bottle of wine lay near a garbage can. Kyle took aim, and then fired, the muzzle and sound of the gun being completely ousted, but the bottle breaking into pieces. George saw this unfold before him and broke into a nervous panic, his eyes now dilating with fear, his muffled screams filled the alley, and his body sprang up to run, though Kyle had already thought of that and immediately pressed the trigger on his leg. George’s entire body was planted into the alleyway.

“Sorry kid, that shot was imminent, though, didn’t expect you to run like that.” Kyle circled around George and then pressed his foot against the wounded leg, causing George to cry out in overwhelming agony. George began hyperventilating as his face kissed the ground, and Kyle only exacerbated the problem by adding more weight into his foot. Soon enough, Kyle rolled his eyes and sighed as he picked George up and pressed him against the alley wall. Kyle looked at the beaten leg, and then pressed his gun to it. George shook his head wildly, which prompted Kyle to smile mercurially.

“Alright kid, game’s over. Now I’ll tell you why you’re here,” Kyle said as he lowered his gun and brought out a bottle of alcohol. He poured the alcohol onto the leg, and then wrapped it in bandages as George silently screamed.

“This is real life. We’ve been doing this for a while now, so long that even we forget how long we’ve been doing this.” George was grasping for his life as Kyle began speaking to him.

“To be fair, this is where the fun really starts. You’ll only have one shot at this, and if you can impress us, we’ll let you off, even give you a few bills. If not, then we’ll be sending you straight to hell.” As Kyle said this, June arrived behind him, herding with her one man, and one woman, both blindfolded, with their ears plugged, and their mouths sealed in a similar fashion as his. George stared at the two, and then back at Kyle. Kyle smiled, as June pushed the two further into the alley.

“Looks like everyone is here,” Kyle said as June planted the man and woman into the ground beside George. Kyle took out another pistol from his pocket, and unloaded the magazine before swinging it in front of George.

“Here’s your job. You have one bullet–” June pressed her weight into both the man, and woman’s back to prevent them from getting up, “To either shoot the man, or woman.” Kyle brought the gun to his eyes, and then simulated the firing, bringing back his shoulder and making a “bang” as the gun “fired”.

“I’ll guide your arm, you shoot. That’s all this is.” George didn’t answer, and grew incredulous to the events about to unfold before his eyes. Kyle laughed, and then asked June for her knife, which she reluctantly gave. Kyle brought the knife to George’s arm, and stabbed it, forcing the blade down and twisting it until blood stopped spewing. Kyle then sprang the knife out of his arm, and dragged George up, supporting him, and then placed the gun into his hands, with one finger on the trigger.  June grabbed the knife from Kyle, and then stabbed both the man and woman’s legs before standing up. The alley was stained with crimson red as the two began flopping like oxygen deprived fish. June remained phlegmatic throughout the entire process, and began cleaning her knife as Kyle shuffled George to the two bodies and  forced his arm to point the gun at their heads.

“Man, or woman. Your choice.” George’s arm was completely limp, and if not for Kyle holding it up, George would not be able to lift it. His grip was fully supported by Kyle, and George knew that his arm was not completely out of order, he still had enough strength to pull a trigger.

“Either you die first, or they do. If you make a choice that will impress us, we’ll let you off with a few bills,” June said. George looked at both Kyle and June, and with the cold steel of the gun handle on his hands, he knew that the situation he was in was completely real. There was no escaping it, and he knew he could not stay aplomb if he wanted to retain his sanity. George’s breathing fluctuated, and Kyle, who was holding George, could feel his heart raise. Kyle moved George’s arm to the man, and then back to the woman, as if teasing him. Each motion sent surges of pain to George, and despite his muffled screams, Kyle continued to smile and chuckle.

“Cat’s got your tongue?” June looked at Kyle, and Kyle back at her, making tacit as Kyle removed the cloth from George’s mouth.

“Now don’t scream. If you do, we’ll give you a hell far greater than death,” Kyle whispered into George’s ear with a menacing grin. George couldn’t understand why Kyle had allowed him to talk, but as his eyes wandered to June, who was staring bloodied daggers at him, he spoke instinctively, “Please let me go!” Kyle laughed and answered, “Once you make a decision, we’ll let you go. Either alive, or to hell.”

“You don’t have a choice in the matter, but we will tell you two things,” June said, “The man to your left is a convicted murderer, Alex Leyton.” June took out a driver’s licenses and threw it on the back of the man, allowing George to confirm for himself. George knew that Alex Leyton had been convicted for murder and was on the run, though he did not expect him to be in his city.

“The woman on the right, she’s a tried home wrecker, five time felony.” June tossed three rings on the woman’s body, “You have one choice. To either shoot a woman, or a man. If you impress us, then–”

“I know,” George interrupted. George had made his decision, and both Kyle and June saw it in his eyes. George had one shot, and one shot only to free himself from his situation. It didn’t take him long to think about it, and once he had it in his mind, it was almost satisfying to pull the trigger.









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