Little Mary Had a Lamb

Hello, and yes, this is based off of the nursery rhyme. The nursery rhyme, in my mind, was originally conceived as a rather lighthearted song. It’s about a little girl named Mary and her lamb. She brings it to school one day and that’s that. Except, I wanted to bring this a step further. Actually, I completely twisted the original rhyme and added a whole different backstory to it. Some of the original lines are still there, and in one sense, the themes are still the same. A story about friendship and love, and for whatever reason I made it also a story about justice. For whatever reason. Here you go, “Little Mary Had a Lamb”.

Little Mary had a little lamb. It’s skin was as white as snow. And everywhere that Little Mary went, the little lamb was sure to go.

Little Mary liked petting her little lamb, because her skin was nice and soft. It was furry yet at the same time, very smooth. Little Mary loved her little lamb very much. She has known her for as long as she can remember, and she knows that her little lamb has always been there for her. Little Mary can never think bad of her little lamb, because her little lamb has always been good to her. No matter what, Little Mary wants to always be with her little lamb.

One day, Little Mary brought her little lamb to school. Little Mary did not want to bring her little lamb, but her little lamb followed her. Little Mary knew that the teachers and principal would get angry with her, so she told her little lamb to stay outside.

In class, Little Mary’s classroom was interrupted by a large speaker that buzzed a sound that all the students hated. It told Little Mary’s teacher that Little Mary had to go to the main office, where the principal was waiting. The teacher asked why because Little Mary’s teacher knew that Little Mary was a very good girl. The buzzing sound said that Little Mary had brought her little lamb to school, and once her class heard that, everyone started laughing. They began getting riled up into a frenzy, with kids pushing about and throwing toys at each other. All the children began to laugh and play, and they all wanted to see Little Mary’s little lamb at school. Little Mary thought that everyone was making fun of her since everyone was pointing their fingers and laughing menacingly. Even Little Mary’s teacher began laughing at her, and Little Mary ran out the room and headed to the main office.

“Little Mary. Your little lamb has been eating up all the vegetables in the school garden,” the principal said as Little Mary arrived. Little Mary went outside to the school garden where carrots, lettuce, squash, and egg plants were planted in neat rows for all the kids and parents to eat. But there were no vegetables anymore, only Little Mary’s little lamb, who stood at the base of the garden as she had finished eating all of the vegetables. The principal did not seem very angry at Little Mary, but his voice and his posture all pointed at his new found anathema, Little Mary.

“Little Mary. I know you are too young to understand, but bringing your little lamb to school isn’t a good thing. I know you love her very much, but we need that food. Everyone in the neighbourhood can’t eat their vegetables now.” The principal towered over Little Mary as Little Mary watched her little lamp.

“Because you are a little child Little Mary, we cannot punish you. You may not have told your little lamb to eat all the vegetables, but your little lamb did.” The principal walked over to the garden, and picked up the little lamb, and placed her in front of Little Mary.

“But we  cannot let this go without action. Your little lamb has to be punished.” Little Mary looked up at the principal with teary eyes and said, “But what will you do with my little lamb?” The principal thought long and hard, and finally came to a decision, “For the next neighbourhood feast. We will eat your little lamb.” Little Mary was devastated at the news, and tried her best to fight the principal to change her punishment, but the principal was firm on his decision. The principal walked off that day with a smile on his face, and Little Mary was left in tears. That night, Little Mary held her little lamb until she cried herself to sleep.

On the day of the neighbour feast, Little Mary brought her little lamb to the giant stove that stood in the middle of the neighbourhood. Little Mary was very slow in walking to the neighbourhood feast, which made it even worse for her once she arrived. All the kids were laughing and playing, but as they saw Little Mary arrived, they all began pointing at her, and some even threw small pebbles at Little Mary. None of them wanted to throw stones at her little lamb because they knew that the little lamb would taste better if they didn’t hurt it before it got cooked. Once she had arrived at the pot, Little Mary was told to go back and fetch the residence papers she was given for having her little lamb live with her. As she left, they said they would hold down her little lamb and begin cooking her in the stove.

Unknowing to Little Mary, as she left, and as the parents began trying to force her little lamb into the big stove, the little lamb began fighting back. Little Mary’s little lamb wanted Little Mary to be with her in her final moments, and kept fighting until Little Mary arrived.

Once Little Mary had arrived, Little Mary rushed to her little lamb, who was half beaten to death near the stove, and hugged her. Little Mary cried and cried, but the parents, who thought they finally had her little lamb in their clutches, took the little lamb and tossed it into the stove. They closed the lid before Little Mary could run in, and as the stove began heating up, her little lamb went to the transparent glass door of the stove and rested there as Little Mary touched the glass on the other side, caressing where her little lamb’s face would be. The children and parents watched as this happened, and one of the children asked, “Why does the lamb love Little Mary so?” The teacher who had laughed at Little Mary answered, “Why, Little Mary loves the lamb, you know.”


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