White Noise

Hello and today we have something a bit different from the usual run down of my creative process. We have a play. This is a rather short play, not anything extravagant, and deals with the idea of white noise. In other words, thing we hear that has become commonplace.  It’s more of a fun play, a bit of a comedy and just totally outrageous in nature, and in some way, reflects the truth about the situation I wrote about. Either way, it was fun trying to write in this perplexing format, and of course, it won’t be perfect, but take it for what it is, just a skeleton. Here you go, “White Noise”.


JUSTIN, standing near the door at the back of the bus. Bag on the floor in front of him.

THOMAS, standing beside Justin.

JUSTIN: You said you didn’t like taking the bus, right?

THOMAS: Too boring for me. Annoying even. Don’t understand how you can stand this.

JUSTIN: Easy. Just listen.

THOMAS: For what?

JUSTIN: White noise.

THOMAS: White…Noise?

JUSTIN: Just listen.

LADY ON PHONE: I’m heading there now. Yeah? Yeah! Okay! Got It! Hummmmmm, Okay! Yeah. I’ll be there in like 30.

MAN ON SPECTRUM: Conspiracy. It’s all a conspiracy. The government is out to get me. Agent, call in. Agent. Now! It’s an emergency. The resistance is onto me.

CHILD A: Mom! Are we there yet?


CHILD B: When is dad coming back?


CHILD B: Why not?

CHILD A: Are we there yet?

MOTHER OF CHILDREN: We’ll be there in 30 minutes. And, because he’s an asshole.

CHILD B: What does that mean?

TODDLER: (Insidious Crying)

TODDLER’s MOTHER: (On her phone with one hand, while the other is prattling around a racket in front of her baby)

STREET PUNK A: (Has contemporary rap music that bleeds out of his earphones)

STUDENT A: Oh my god. Did he really say that? He’s such a creep.

STUDENT B: Totally. Like, who does that? He bought her roses and everything?

STUDENT C: He’s so into her. Like, ew. Gross.

Thomas: Okay, I get it. People talk on the bus. Big deal. It’s not like much is happening anyway.

Justin: Oh yeah? You get on here every day and you start getting used to all the chatter. But then, there’s always someone talking about something important. You filter out all the white noise.

Worker A: Did you hear about the raised taxes?

Worker B: This country’s going to hell if that’s what our government’s doing.

Man A: You know about that Paris bombing? Suspects on the run but they got a lead on him.

Man B: Makes you wonder why they even did it.

Man A: Ask that about any bombing and you got yourself a book.

Thomas: Okay, so maybe there are some people that are talking about relevant topics. I can watch the news too.

Justin: Just listen.

Classmate A: You got the picture of the test?

Classmate B: Right here.

Thomas: Don’t tell me–

Justin: Hey! Mind showing me what you got there?

Thomas: White noise.



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