Town of Living Gears, Part 9

Hello once again to this final arc, or at least, to the beginning of the end, which is probably also akin to the last part, but this is also technically the beginning of the end since this is where all the exposition happens. So, this is basically a break chapter as this is pretty chill, and leading up to the larger part of this arc where everything gets crushed under the weight of the world. But anyway, here you go, “Part 9”.

Time grew slower once I realized just how little of it I had left. Except, I had all the time to ponder everything that happened, and everything in my database. I was a robot after all, and no matter how many more years I will come to live without this world, I will still think that time feels eternally slower for me.

Wren had relayed the proposal set out on the meeting for what I had to do. It seemed quite simple, really. They wanted me to destroy the clock tower. In the chaos ensued by such an act, they would then cause mass hysteria among the robots as they lashed out of their human captors. As I had learned from Wren, many of the members of Huer worked in tandem with the robots, in the case with Wren, he was akin to a mechanic. His job consisted of repairing robots that were purposefully damaged by members of Huer, and then remove the components of them that were implanted by the higher powers. Apparently so, the only reason why robots now conform to the whims of humans is because all robots and all robots in production are given a sort of stimulus that allows them to do so without question. Wren actively removes that, and implants within them the mantra of Huer and promises them that the day of reform is soon to happen. In essence, it is his way of creating new members of Huer, because after all it is an abbreviation of both kinds. Since such is the case for each member, they’ve always been in the woodworks of the town and have been aptly getting their teeth sunk into the system.

To my knowledge, the meeting was quite short, and in celebration, they had went to all ends to make sure that their last days of peace were well spent, and thus decided on a strange ritual of intoxication. Such was the state of Wren, but such I did not mind. Their world was about to crumble, so let them indulge.

My role in their plan was to be the instigator, to be the clutch to put a stop to everything in this world. The first phase of everything started with the destruction of the clock tower, in which a plethora of explosives will be used to bring it down. They knew that I had already taken out a few of the government’s guards, and surely that going back to the clock tower would not be safe under any circumstance. They had been preparing for a war, and once they saw movement, they decided to test the waters. The guards that I had taken out had given them enough incentive to declare witch hunt amongst us, and now there was no way to work in secret. Most members of Huer were not combatants, and thus the amount of people who could work in missions pertaining to setting explosives of break-ins was quite low. The people here were trained workers who had talents in areas like information siphoning and handicrafts. I never did get to meet most of them on a level more than just seeing their outward appearance. Except for Kloe. I liked Kloe, she was an interesting person, and had given me a vast amount of information for my database. She showed me many things,  and with her being an informant, it isn’t that far off to say that we are alike. We are both beings akin to information, and always seek to better our own knowing.

The plan was to start in the late of night, and would begin with me planting the explosives in the clock tower. It would tumble and cause unprecedented chaos within the town as fires broke out and the guards and citizens would be left to scramble in the damage. We didn’t want to kill anyone that we didn’t need to. Despite our goal being to destroy the system set out by the government, we had no ill intent to those that decided to follow it. We were not of murderous kin, but if people choose to be within the radius of destruction, or to physically constrain us than we would have no choice. We all had our minds set to see to it that the destruction of the world be aptly done. I was programmed to do so, I had only but one fate, and that was the fate that Klover had given me. That was my reason for creation. Except, at the time, I never would realize that even that reason would be futile. No one person can ever only accomplish one singular achievement in life. That just isn’t what living is. And even now, I’m not living. I’m just a robot.

After the clock tower causes chaos, we then move onto the second stage wherein we trigger the robots which have been ousted from the system. These robots would act as internal chaos and would cause even more unrest among the guards and citizens. With current robot legislation in place, and with the chaos of the situation, harming these robots would not bode well with the government or citizens. However, the plan wasn’t to have any robots harm any of them either. The legislation is quite forewarning of what should not happen to robots, and to ensure that some kind of safety net is made for them. Most of the council involved in the robot council are in fact robots that have not been tampered to be tools for humans. They work in tandem with humans to form the council and to provide some kind of safe footing and although they weren’t a part of Huer, they would greatly be on our sides when it came to case by case analysis of a robot revolt. No humans would be hurt unprovoked, and no robots are designed to lie.

After the robots cause even greater confusion, the last thing needed to be done is to strike a deal with the government. We would break our way into the human council, dispatch any resistance along the way and make it to the greatest power governing the town.  All negotiations will be done with Wren and Kloe helming the forefront, and I will also be with them to see to it that history will be corrected as per the wishes of Klover. The rest of the organization will be kept outside to guard or be in the midst of all the chaos to make sure that no attention be directed towards the government. Such an operation needed to be done quickly and without much attention until negotiations have been completed. Negotiations seemed much more mild than an all out attempt at destroying everything by our hands, however, such a will to destroy the world is something that even Huer does not want by means of physical intrusion. They claimed that no justice is served and no justice is found in such methods. To make the government agree and to reform is the best operation in which Huer wishes to proceed. If negotiations pass, then a member of Huer will position themselves within the government indefinitely, and will command the current one in power to do whatever they wish. And whatever they wish will be in tandem with the wishes of Huer, an organization pushing for peace. And an organization that pushes to destroy this world. Once the world has been destroyed, and a new order created with Huer at the helm of it is established, then my purpose would have been sought over. I figured then and only then that my purpose would be to serve under this new regime, or to be scrapped, as I had no place in such a world, a hundred years after my conception. No matter how much I looped it in my head, I was not Marianne, I only held a part of her, and even then, Marianne is dead. I am a robot, and as such, I am not someone fit to resonate a human within me. In doing so, I would have become god. For some reason, the concept of god had been implanted in my database, and such a concept, did not cause much errors in my logic.

If negotiations fail, then my being there would constitute more than just as a spectator to history. If negotiations failed, then I would be forced to make an action that I would have otherwise avoided making. The key in which I held, the key in which had the name of Klover Tore, would be a key towards something that even I couldn’t fully comprehend no matter how many times Wren had ran it over in my logic loop. Apparently, I was made for more than just destroying the world in a way that Klover envisioned. In a way, even if I couldn’t figure out for myself or with the help of Huer how to destroy the world, this key was a failsafe. Within me was something that even I dreaded to bring out, and so I wished wholeheartedly that the negotiations didn’t fail. That the destruction of the world only remained in words destroyed and not actually destroyed. I’m sure Klover would have wanted the same, though with the fuses within me, I began to question whether that was the right answer all along. Those questions looped in my head endlessly, but I stopped it knowing that I would never get the right answer.

Nevertheless, the days of end were ahead for me, and it would come in no time at all. The days of end meant my days of end in this town of living gears. But, I’m a robot, and as thus, my days of end, were in fact days of beginning. Only those whom I left, and those who I wish now to be safe and still moving towards their peace, have met their days of end. My time in this world, this new world far past the time of Klover was short lived. I found it quaint to compare to the lives of humans. I now understood how fast their lives seemed to pass by them. I was that much closer to becoming human. That much made me smile.


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