Town of Living Gears, Part 10

Hello once again, and hopefully I can just push out these last two parts out and end this whole journey by sunday. But today we have the action packed(kind of) section of this finale, as everything starts shifting towards the end, and of course with me that means adding twists. But yeah, everything is coming to an end, and hopefully that means an exciting end to this experiment of mines. I’ll probably have to mull over a bit over what my next project is going to be, but I will be quite busy in a about two weeks, so I’ll have to think fast of whether I’ll push out mass short stories or another novella like this one. But for now, enjoy, “Part 10”.

On the night of which the plan was to commence, Wren had ran everything by me once again. I held the key in my hands tightly and hoped that I would not have to resort to use it no matter the outcome. I wished heavily that I would see to it that the world be destroyed in a manner fitting. I wasn’t sure at the time whether robots could make wishes either, but so I wished anyway.

As night stroke us, Wren brought me outside, and began guiding me towards the clock tower. We wished to do this as quickly as possible, but even so, we could not afford any mishaps, and careful integrity was also a high priority. I gripped onto the iron rod I had at my sides, and held onto my iron knife. I was told not to show any hostility unless otherwise provoked. On my back was a sack filled with different kinds of explosives that had been previously dropped off by the green haired woman whom I met the other day. Her name was Gale, and an expert in explosive production and handling. Though, in this scenario, no amount of technique was required for handling. All that was needed to be done was to topple the clock tower.

Even in the thick of night, the clock tower was rustling with activity. Men in wear similar to the one’s that I had taken out the other day all scattered the stairs of the clock tower. There were too many for me to take out unnoticed. Wren brought me down and scanned the area. He was formulating a plan as I was. If Wren used his full strength to bring every guard down, he would surely be overwhelmed in a matter of seconds. But if we were to work together and not be spotted within the first few seconds of combat, than taking them all out was something within our grasp. Especially in the wake of night as we could slip into hiding in a moment’s notice. However, that was not the intention of our actions. I had to get into the clock tower to set the explosives. That was all we had to do, and that was all Wren wanted to do.

“I have no qualms with fighting them. However, that might be the only way we can get you in there.” Wren held onto his copper knife tight. His breathing was erratic and his heart rate began pulsating. I looked at the guards again, and created a route in which I would be able to most efficiently reach the stairs. Combat was a mixture of fighting and wits. I drew from my database everything that Klover had implanted in me about combat. To create a distraction worth seeking out, something large enough to warrant attention must be done. The other members of Huer were all in their respective positions, either waiting near the government’s home, or scattered throughout the city and ready to cause chaos. I slung the bag of explosives on my bag and grabbed one that was small enough to detonate without causing too much harm, but still large enough to gather attention. I knew that Wren had something similar in mind as he looked at me without question. I handed him the explosive, and without need of explanation he said, “Make it quick.”

Wren scurried off further away from the clock tower. I waited in position, and once I heard the explosion and saw light flurry into the distance, I made my move. Guards moved forward towards the explosion, and although they were still surrounding the stairs, I crept up near enough and laid low enough until they started issuing orders. They huddled together near the stairs while I slowly made my way up the stairs, crouching every step and praying that the cloak of night was on my side. Once I arrived at the base of the clock tower, I placed my bag of explosives near the front wall. Most of these explosives were designed by Klover, I heard. He had indeed enclosed weapons of war within his remains. Some of which consisted of blades, others, long arms. However, for this battle, we did not carry long arms. Though I knew for a fact that Wren had completed his the other day, though I did not see it on his person. These weapons of war were simple in use but difficult in creation. They were practical and yet at the same time held complexities that even I could not decode upon using them. I grabbed a small circular like object from the bag, and forcefully pulled the small loop that lay rest on top. After the loop was pulled I then ran down the stairs and attracted the remaining guards. They were astonished to see me, but not much interaction would have been exchanged with us as the explosion behind me shook the earth we stood upon. Some guards struggled to find balance, and as they were distracted I pushed past them and towards the town. I could hear metals turning and stone falling as the clock tower behind me began toppling.

I didn’t look back, and as the tower finally fell, one final shockwave permeated the entire town. I heard screaming and flames burst from the aftermath. Wren called out to me in the ensuing damage, and I followed his voice to meet with him. Guards scattered the town, some to help the citizens trapped between rubbles and flames and others looking for me.

“Kloe’s going to send the signal now, brace yourself.” The robots were all accustomed to certain sound frequencies and pitches. Using technology that Klover had blueprinted, Kloe was able to replicate words with those frequencies and send them throughout the entire town. Humans wouldn’t be able to distinguish much from it other than a low sounding hum. The message resounded throughout my ears in quick succession, and although I didn’t need to hear it, it seemed like it worked. We made our way to the government building as robots from all around us began flooding the streets and kept citizens inside. Guards began flooding the streets as well, causing our routes to be blocked and slowed. Wren held tightly onto his bronze knife and said, “It isn’t far, but we won’t be able to make it with them in our way.” Wren was pointing to a bend in the streets that was cascaded with guards. I held onto my iron pipe, and began calculations. There were ten of them wrestling and shouting at robots. The damage zone of the clock tower was nearing its end but that still didn’t make the robot riot any less dangerous.

I advanced slowly with Wren by my side. I made sure to follow his strides as much as I could, and once we were within range, I sprang into action, almost following a preordained pattern. Unlike before, when Wren had attacked me or when I had attacked the guards, now I could see a path. Before, everything was left to pure instinct and reactions, and although that aspect hadn’t left me, I was somehow able to trace my path. If my body moved away from that traced path, my mind would loop and create a new outline for the most efficient route to take. I rang my iron rod across the head of one of the guards as preordained by my mind and watched as his weight left his body and caused the other guards to be alert. Wren did the same to another guard, and once they had a firm sense of who they were facing, they charged at us. Everything seemed to slow as they came towards me, and I was able to dodge and knock each guard out without trouble. One guard thrust his weapon towards me, but my mind had already predicted the movement and my hand came to grab his wrist and throw him over. I was told not to kill, and as thus I never used my knife, and only saw to it that my iron rod would effectively stop each of my enemies with ease. Each swing of my iron rod left no weight towards my arms, but as they made contact with the guards, I could feel the weight of their bodies enter and leave my being.

After dispatching the guards we made our final push towards the government building. Huer agents had already scurried the area, and were waiting for us before entering. Wren brought me to the door of the building and nodded to the people surrounding. Kloe came from the woodworks and said, “They’re holed up in the end of it. If we want to reach them, it won’t be a problem, but getting any words into their thick heads might be.”

“Even so, we have to do this,” Wren replied. As Wren brought his hands to the door handle, I asked him, out of pure curiosity not because my logic loops were causing me great disturbance, though it was, but because I wanted to know, “You fight because of an old vengeance, right?” Wren stopped, and then thought about the question, “I fight, because I need to fight. Because Klover told you to fight, in turn I have to fight. Because none of this will ever matter if I don’t fight. But if you think that I’m doing this just because I need to fight for all the people who I lost, then you’re wrong. This world, Marianne, is gone. This world is a wasteland.¬† I fight because I don’t want to be at the bottom of that wasteland.” I brought this answer to the words he said before, to when he was intoxicated. I desperately wanted to find a reason for myself to fight, to find justification as to why this world was so rotten as they told me it was. Kloe placed one hand on my shoulder and smiled as I looked over. Wren opened the door and we traversed till we found the room in which they hid in. We only knew that this was the room because of the large contingency of guards that barricaded the area. No other guards were found roaming the halls, and as such, if they wanted to stage an ambush then they had all the resources for such. Though, with just Kloe and Wren with me, it might seem more plausible than naught.

After Wren and I sheathed our armaments, we stepped out of hiding, and greeted the guards with our arms held high. Kloe was the first to speak, “As you may know, this town is done for.” No guard spoke.

“We don’t want to do any harm to our beloved mayor. We just want to talk, and strike a deal. If you can get him out of there it’ll save both of us trouble.” As with before, no guard replied to Kloe. Wren seemed to be on edge despite there being no apparent danger. The guards didn’t make a move, they simply looked at us from the door. They didn’t brandish any weapons and they had no reason to. We were both at a great distance from them, and nothing we could do from here would harm them. But despite that Wren was shaking. Something about the atmosphere bothered him. Then, my receptors picked it up. I couldn’t believe my systems, but as I turned I saw a group of four cloaked men with sharp blades. One of them entered Kloe’s back. Another towards Wren. Before they could realize what had happened, and before I could even warn them, they were harmed. The other two missed their blades as I stepped out of the way and brought them down with my rod. I raced towards Kloe and bashed the head of the man. He was sent flying towards the end of the wall, but as he made impact with it, I heard the sound of metal ringing the hall. The other two guards picked their blades back up and charged at me. I brought my hand towards the closer one and threw my rod at the other. The rod smashed into his face, but instead of bones breaking, his cloak left his face, revealing a dent in his metal attire. I then flipped the guard I was holding and grabbed my rod. The man who stabbed Wren then came for me, but as with before his movements had already been preordained by my system and I swiftly blocked his blade with my rod while kicking him into the ground. Wren and Kloe were writhing on the ground with blood gushing out of their wounds. Before I could get to either of them, the door opened in front of us, revealing a man in a cloak, similar to the ones who attacked us. When he spoke, he spoke with a metallic echo to his voice, similar to mine. That was when I knew that this world had been far gone from what any of us had previously thought.

“It’s a pleasure to have you,” he said. And the only reason why I didn’t move towards either Wren or Kloe at this moment, was because the man who erupted in front of us held a fire arm towards me. It was similar to the one in Wren’s work shop, but it seemed much more refined.

“This world is a mess,” he said. I was still in the process of collecting this information, but even so, I had no idea how to answer him.

“My robots did well to disguise themselves to your receptors. It was a bit unfair, considering I created you, but all is well.” I then noticed that my systems were beginning to dull at that very spot. There was a disturbance in all my senses. Some kind of signal or wave was making my movements much slower as well. It was a poison for robots.

“Except, you may not know me. And so I will introduce myself formally. I am Adam. It’s nice to have you here, Evelyn.” My processing power was getting dulled as well, and even my speech was faulting.

“It may come off as a surprise to all of you to learn this, but what Klover made how many years ago was not a figment of Marianne, your dead sister, but what I gave him was a copy of Evelyn.” Before I could begin to process any more, my systems began shutting down. My logic loops were falling apart, and I fell, clutching onto some kind of invisible wall to stand up. But I couldn’t, and my world began growing cold. I was losing consciousness, and I understood that concept to be something sequentially human. I smiled.


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