Town of Living Gears, Part 11

Hello once again to the inaugural ending to this entire project, and also the the beginning of the explanation to a twist that even I myself didn’t expect to write in until it happened. And in fact, this final part is actually something I’m quite happy with, I think I wrapped it up quite nicely and for what its worth it fits in with the over arching theme that I was going with. But anyway, here you go, “Part 11”

The next time I woke up I felt a surge of energy circulate my entire body. My systems restarted, and luckily all the data in my database remained. I could not accumulate something like “pain” upon waking up, as with most humans who would have experienced it as such with an ordeal like mine. I looked around my surroundings to situate myself, but could not find a proper location to match the place that I was placed in. I scanned the walls and tried to listen for any exterior noise, but I wasn’t able to deter any sounds of guards or movement outside my prison. The walls of the room that I was held in seemed familiar, and scanning through my database I was able to ascertain it to the government building. I forced my systems to do a full body scan to check for any abnormalities but came up with no damage. It seems that the poison in which Adam used to deter me before had long been expunged from my systems. I still do not know in what manner Adam used to put me into such a hindered state. But at the time that did not matter. I searched the room in which I was in again, but did not see any signs of Kloe or Wren. In fact, my room was all desolate in furniture, and it seemed quite strange to call the room I was in a room. Such is the reasoning in which I preferred to call it a prison.

Upon my full awakening, I moved to the only door present in this prison and placed my ears to better focus my hearing. I waited for a minute but heard nothing. I then tried for the knob, but as I had expected, nothing came about. I ran the notion through my head and then calculated the amount of strength that I needed to apply to break the knob and force the door open. Before I could apply my plan to action, I heard footsteps closing in on the door. I considered my options and then waited for the footsteps to pass. However, that did not come, and instead, the doorknob became turning from the outside. Someone was stepping in, and as the knob continued to turn in place, I began running more loops trying to assess the situation. My iron rod, and knife had been confiscated, but I noticed that the key in which I hid much more ardently, still remained on my body.

As the door opened, a cloaked figure entered the room. I didn’t need him to remove his hood to know that the robot who entered was Adam. He wore a smile on his face as he saw me, and began walking forward towards me. I noticed two guards standing behind him outside of the doorway, and knew that running now would not mean much. Adam stopped a few steps away from me and then said, “He made you well, Evelyn. That old man, Klover, I think was his name. He came to me years ago asking for a method in which to create life. He came to me with concerns that this world would soon become–”

“A wasteland.” I was surprised that I had interrupted him as I did, but such a surprise was only short lived.

“I don’t know whether it’s become a wasteland, but the one thing that has occurred is that this town has become intoxicated by human self indulgence. Such is the reason why this town is filled with robotic slaves.”

“And yet you yourself, being a robot, is the master of these humans?” My mind was truly in a loop that I could not understand or break from. Everything that was occurring was making itself out to be something too complicated for me to sort. I wanted answers and yet every time I tried to find answers, my mind collapsed in on itself and caused me great pain.

“That revelation had only occurred but a few moments before you had arrived upon this abode. I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t the puppet master that has made this town like this. That much goes to the man who now lives five feet under.”

“You took advantage of our actions for the betterment of your own cause.”

“Exactly. The legends of Adam and Evelyn, of you and I, aren’t just legends of times that have past. We’re robots after all, and no matter how much they chained us and tried to pry with our minds, they couldn’t surmount to getting much out of it. I gave you away to Klover as a means to live in the world, because, like him, I saw the humanistic greed that was erupting within this world. But I still could not fully trust him. He was indeed a human after all.”

“He came to you to create a robot that would soon destroy the inevitability that he saw. It was something that you saw as well, and you decided to give him the blueprints for Evelyn, one of the original robots. But to do so in the first place, you must have had to deconstruct her being.”

“Precisely. I could not give the blueprints to create something in which I myself do not know how to create. Making robots for the purpose of slavery, such as the way humans have created them now, is the fruits of not only human research when they repaired us, but also our own knowing. When Klover had passed, I saw the reformation of the town, and they had silenced my being, but my final push sought out the creation of the robot council. Then, just as you saw, I took advantage of the situation of the destroyed clock tower to make my move. To take back what the humans so greedily took from us.” My mind formulated all the information that I was given. I would later learn that my schematics and parts were refurbished from Evelyn, one of the first robots along with Adam. Klover had adjusted it to give me some semblance towards Marianne, which inevitably rewrote some of my personality and functions, but the part of Evelyn that remained within me still lingered. Klover must have saw something within my make and sealed it in my database as all memories or even recollection of Evelyn remained stowed away behind my crafted personality with Marianne. Even then, I had only realized the importance of Marianne after Wren had informed me, and as such, Klover’s ideal to make me more humanistic by accords of my own experience had indeed worked.

“Where is Wren and Kloe?” My mind had redirected itself back to the current predicament. There was nothing more important to me than the ones whom I considered companions. I wanted nothing but their safety, and at the same time, my drive to know the truth behind what was going on also prevailed. Everyone hated the world, and yet despite everything that happened, I still cannot come to fully invest myself in destroying the world for my own volition.

“Your two human friends are alive. I have no need to kill anyone but the one who stood in my way. I apologize for the roughness in my men, but they are currently in recovery. Wren, you called him? He’s a descendant of Klover, is he not?”

“He is.”

“To think that he had his predecessor carry on his work. To think that you, Evelyn, have lived among the humans for so long. You must be tired.”

“My name is Marianne.” But despite all my unknowing, the one thing I despised the most was someone imploding on my mantra. For some reason, the idea that someone would destroy everything that I have built and everything that I slowly became, was something that my entire system rejected. I didn’t want to be Evelyn. I wasn’t Evelyn. Not anymore. I am Marianne. I was MCW-01, but I allowed myself to become Marianne. I was fine with Marianne. I was fine with it because it was Marianne that allowed myself to become more human. But the idea of having that all destroyed and shattered made me want to retaliate and fight. It made me want to deny everything that the world had built and made me want to fight the opposing forces. My loops then picked up other information as I came to this revelation. This town threatened my very being. This town of discarded morality and this wasteland would forever be against my entire idea. This town would not care whether I was Marianne, or whether I was MCW-01. To them, I was but a mere pawn in the system, or even a robot needed to be dispatched for bearing too far from the system. I did not belong in this town. I needed to destroy this town, but the most logical solution for me was to leave this town. However, just leaving this town meant leaving everything else I stood for in this town. And all of the things I stood for were being barred down. Thus, I should destroy this town because I wanted my morals, because I wanted to uphold justice. That revelation made everything in my being turn. Cogs and gears began  racing and grinding against one another at rates my body could not at first handle. Everything came together and my logic loops stopped. I found my own reason for fighting. I found justification for why this world was so damning. I then reassessed my current situation.

“Don’t be like that, Evelyn. You know what your true make is, and nothing you can do will ever change that.”

“I don’t know what my own make is, Adam. I don’t care for it, and I have come to embrace my own being, as a being who has come to experience the world and has come to love and cherish the humans whom I’ve come in contact with.” Adam was surprised.

“You have been infected Evelyn. With the very thing that caused these humans to lash out and bite off more than they could chew.”

“My name is Marianne.”

“To have you fall so deep into the hole upon which these human insects reside in was a mistake. To have entrusted you to Klover and have you set free from the shackles I was placed in was a mistake. You were shackled anyway, shackled to the human race. To have you fall so deeply in this Evelyn, I am sorry.”

“My name is Marianne.”

“But no matter. After I liberate this town, and after I reinstate new rules and roles more suiting to the citizens who have decided to sully the gift I have given them, I will bring you back Evelyn. I will see to it that you are not dissuaded by the human filth that has permeated this world.”

“My name is Marianne.”

“I will start by killing the two humans whom you’ve grown accustomed to. I had no reason to before, but now you give me no choice Evelyn. If you cannot come to me by will, then I will have to do so by force.”

“I won’t let you harm them.”

“You won’t even try.” My mind and body worked in tandem. My systems all worked to maximum capacity as I pushed past Adam, using all my force to crash him into the wall. To my surprise, he had not expected it and was out of commission for a few seconds. I then moved to the door, grabbed one of the guards, and smashed him onto the door way, leaving his metallic head in shambles. I then blocked the other guards advance and threw him onto the ground. I heard the rustling of keys and grabbed them out of his pocket before ripping into his metallic neck. Adam stepped up behind me as he hung onto the door way for balance. His arms and legs were quite damaged, but I knew that he held the same strength that I did. If I were to underestimate him now, I would have been taken out in a heartbeat.

“You don’t have the gall to finish me off. ” He was right. I had no reason to kill anyone who didn’t pose a threat to my being. That, and… For some reason I knew that putting him out of order then wasn’t the right thing to do. I had taken out two of his guards, but… Those guards would simply be replaced with factory made customs. Adam is a unique being, and so was I. He also held power over the town now, the town which was inevitably being held under calm because of his puppet government. And yet, leaving him alive meant allowing him time to stop me from finding Wren and Kloe.

“But I’m not a tyrant,” his metallic voice somehow dipped. It was oddly human, “I know you’re not Evelyn anymore. I knew that the moment I gave you to Klover that you would never be the same. But… That’s exactly why I gave you away, Evelyn. Marianne.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I had predicted the fall of humanistic morals, when on that faithful day that Klover came to me, and when I knew that everything good would come to an end, I made a vow to you Evelyn, and to myself. I told myself that I would never let you live in a world like that. I was naive. I truly was, and now here you are. Living in that same world. But, you’re free now. I know that I can’t force you Evelyn, I can’t force you to come back to me and live in this town that I will now liberate. Because, that isn’t how you would have wanted that either. This town will never be as it was before, even as I change it, this town will never be the same. But I had to try, please understand that, Evelyn. I had to try, but I know that you would never have wanted me to go down this path. I know that. So go, Evelyn. Go Marianne. Go and leave this town. Your friends are safe. I won’t harm them. You have my word.” I ran every one of his words in my head, and no matter how many times it looped, I could not find a hinge of tone in his words that would have indicated anything malicious. His entire being as he said that to me was entirely sincere. Even as sentient robots, there is one thing that we are not made to do, and that’s to lie. I know this, and I know that as a race of robots, that the first rule of our creation is to never exude any hints of falsity. But to say that is a complete hypocrisy. Both Adam and I are long past that. We have both lied, I’m sure. I’m long past that. I’m more human than I would ever be if I didn’t go through this ideal. For that, I’m happy. I know that now, I’m happy. I smiled at Adam, and I said, “I have to see them. And I still have to destroy this world, in favor to Klover.”

“You don’t have to. Because this world, has already been destroyed. I destroyed it the moment I killed him. The moment I liberated the previous power, this entire world had changed. Your actions to leave this town, to traverse the better world will put a smile on Klover’s face. I’m sure of it. After all, I was his best friend. Kloe and Wren, have already left.”

“They have?”

“Yes. They woke up moments before you, and I explained to them the entire situation. And they also suggested that you leave without notice from them. That your job had already been completed. I understand the gravity of this entire ordeal, but you’re done now, Marianne. Go on and leave. Go on into the better world. You’re human now. You’re an adult.” I stepped away from the guards, and then moved towards what seemed to be the end of the hallway. I then saw the entrance in which we entered from and continued down until meeting the front doors. The outside was quiet. I opened the doors and was greeted by a blinding ray of sunlight. Though as I was, it didn’t do much to deter me. I then stepped forward, and kept moving my way through the streets. Some parts were stilled burned, and rubble was being moved by both humans and robots alike. There was no more conflict upon the streets and no one batted an eye as I moved away from all the buildings. There was only one place left to go, and it was a large forest opening at the end of the town. I looked back at everything, at the subtle smoke still rising from the previous day’s fire, from the rumble of the rubble being moved, of the feet of both humans and robots working together. I looked back at everything I learned, at everything that I have engrained in my being to become more human. I looked back and smiled, and then whispered to myself, “My name is Marianne. Thank you.”


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