Dolly’s Beauty

Hello once again, it’s certainly been a while, and expect quite a bit more of these longer breaks, though I am trying to come up with another novella type light novel story series where I can update more regularly. Since I am concocting a batch of contest short stories I might have to sift through some back log, since I always prepare back log, so short story posts might become far and little once I hone in on the novella light novel. But anyway, today we have a short story akin to children’s story. In other words, something like a fairy tale, modeled after works I read from the Grim Brother’s. This one’s quite simply about vanity. Well here you go, “Dolly’s Beauty.”  

The world as Dolly knew it was filled with materialistic pretention. Dolly was a wooden doll that had two arms, two legs, and a head. Dolly was a bright beautiful brimming carving that traveled the world in wonder. Her joints were clean and had no trouble moving through the snow, dirt, or pavement. Dolly loved seeing everything in the world, and loved seeing it change throughout the years. Dolly did not talk to anyone when she walked around the world, but one day decided against her streak and talked to an old Fox.

The old Fox had grey hair, pointed ears and a long noise. His eyes were sharp like a knife and shaped like an almond. The old Fox snickered when Dolly came up to him, and with his gruff voice said, “Dolly Dolly, oh how long have I watched you walk around in a folly.”

“Hello Mr. Fox,” Dolly responded as she stood in front of the old Fox who towered over her.

“Why why, have you come to stop and say hi?”

“No reason in particular Mr. Fox. I just felt like talking because I have never talked before.”

“Sly sly, oh you are that you talking has made me cry.”

“Oh, I do not wish to cause you harm Mr. Fox. I just want to talk.” The old Fox circled around Dolly, and gave an inquisitive eye to the wooden doll. He placed one paw over the wooden doll’s shoulder and caressed the material finely.

“Amends amends, do not make me cry go out and try on trends.” Dolly did not know how to respond, and simply stood as the old Fox circled around her. The old Fox then took out a small pendant from his fur and hung it over Dolly’s neck. Dolly held the pendant to her face, and saw a beautifully studded diamond that shone elegantly in the sunlight. Dolly was ecstatic at the pendant over her head, and said, “Thank you Mr. Fox. I think I know what you want me to do. You want me to go around and collect beautiful ornaments.”

“Yes yes, little Dolly go out and don’t make a mess.” The old Fox then curled up into a ball and went back to sleep, and Dolly continued on her walk around the world.

Every so often when Dolly saw something shine on the ground, she would go and pick it up. Sometimes Dolly would find coins and discarded needles. But other times, Dolly would find beautiful silver and gold rings. Some rings had emeralds and topaz and sapphire and rubies. Dolly would put on every ring she found, until her left hand had fingers filled with fitted rings.

Dolly was determined to make sure that the old Fox would not cry the next time she spoke to him, and so after she was done walking around the world, she walked again to search for more ornaments. On her second walk she found beautiful bracelets. Some were coated in vibrant silver and exuberant gold and shone in the sunlight. The bracelets wrapped around Dolly’s wooden hand and she placed every bracelet on herself until her right arm was filled with fitted bracelets.

Dolly was not satisfied yet, and wanted pendants to go along with the one she received from the old Fox. Dolly walked around the world again to search for more ornaments. On her third walk, she made sure only to look for pendants, and so whenever she saw long beads covering shiny gems, she stopped and picked them up. Some pendants had beautiful silver jewels and deceiving pyrite. They shone in the sunlight and reflected rays in Dolly’s eyes. Dolly placed every pendant she found over herself until her entire neck was filled with fitted pendants.

After her three walks around the world, Dolly decided it was time to talk again, and so on her fourth walk, she stopped and looked for the old Fox. Dolly was overly exhausted from carrying all the ornaments she found, and so took a rest over the water’s edge. Dolly found herself closing her eyes, and her wooden legs gave in and she slipped into the water. Dolly panicked and tried to swim her way up, but the weight of her ornaments brought her down further, and soon Dolly began sinking past the point of no return. The old Fox was awoken by the sudden sound of Dolly’s demise and jumped in the water to bring her up. The old Fox was able to drag Dolly onto the surface and as Dolly regained consciousness, the old Fox said, “Dolly Dolly, oh how long have I watched you walk around in a folly.”

“Thank you for saving me Mr. Fox.”

“Why why, did you stop and try to say hi?”

“I just wanted you to see what I’ve become since the last time I saw you.”

“Sly sly, I am, that I tricked you and now everyone will cry.”

“Oh why have you done this to me Mr. Fox? I am filled with ornaments from my arms to my neck, with all the prettiest gems in all of the world.”

“Amends amends, you cannot make for now you are too ugly to even make friends.”

“You tricked me,” cried Dolly.

“Yes yes, but the only one who did so was you and now you are in distress.” The old Fox then curled up in a ball and went to sleep, leaving Dolly to travel the world in repentance. Dolly had two filled arms and one filled neck and her two legs could barely move as she walked over snow, dirt and pavement. Dolly did not talk to anyone when she walked around the world, for now she knows not to listen to the talks of any old fox.


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