School Of Words

Hello once again, and today I don’t have a short story, or anything of the sorts up to post here, but I do have something that I’ve been meaning to make as a sort of way to benefit myself and in a sense be more active:

Welcome in the School Of Words, where I’ll post on a daily or bi-daily basis of micro fiction or flash fiction based on new words that I don’t know about. In other words, It’ll be a place where I can learn new words, but learning new words by itself isn’t that interesting, so I’ll attempt to make a really short exert of something pertaining to that word, and hopefully it’ll be both entertaining and informative. This doesn’t really affect much of my actual making more focused pieces but this is just a way for me to fill in the huge gaps in-between when I actually do have a focused piece.  And maybe the stuff I write over there may actually hold useful in the future. Anyways, that’ll be it for me, and I already have a word there, so check it out. 


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