Finding Her

Hello once again to another backlog. It took me a bit to find out why I had written this one, but I quickly realized. Thinking about it, there could be multiple twists on the same theme that I was trying to get at, which is all the more better for the piece as a whole. Anyways, this week is probably going to be another backlog filled one, though I think I am getting closer to fishing them all out, which will let me be more accurate with depicting my current status on writing, which is what I want do. Here you go, “Finding Her”.

Finding her was like seeing a star fall in the endless night of everything. I was walking down the street with my headphones on, drowning myself in a world of melody. Every step I took on the hard pavement below strained my entire being, but with every step the music in my ears moved to the rhythm of my feet. I soon found myself in an ebb and flow, a cadence that allowed me to almost ignore the scorching sun above.

I was on my way to my friend’s house that day. Though, the only reason why I volunteered to become burnt was so that I didn’t appear standoffish. I had my morals to some extent, and I wasn’t going to let my friend down when he invited me. Except, that day was special. That day, everything would turn itself over.

I was walking down the street, minding my own business as I was enamored in my own world. People pushed past me with alacrity, and despite the energy of the city permeating off every sleeve and shoulder, I was stuck in my own bubble. I didn’t belong in the city, I never once thought that I did. I was a relic of the past, an old worn fossil that was learning how to live. Except, living in this city has made me learn just how tired I am. I’m tired of the slowly rotating earth, the dragging of the oceans as the waves are pulled by the moon, and I’m tired of the sea of stars that I stare up into every day. I’m tired of the city and everything about it, and just want to live in my own enclave.  It was a wish that I always wanted. And that day would come sooner than I thought.

I saw her walk past me almost like a star falling as I blinked. It was just a split second for me, but I knew that unlike the falling stars, I had a second chance. I didn’t know what made me turn my head, perhaps it was her hair; it flew like silk in the cool air, like a cloud of black sinking into the ocean. Maybe it was her bright red cheeks that contrasted with her light skin, or the gentle eyes she held as she walked forward. I didn’t know, but I had to know, and so I turned back. But then she was gone. I looked everywhere for that distinct black hair, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find it. I lost her in the sea of stars. I cursed under my breath, and then turned back. I began walking towards my friend’s house, the music in my ears raging in my head. My face grew red, and my feet paced even faster. My heart began beating in my chest, and my fingers dug into my palms. Then I turned back and ran. I ran past the crowds of people, pushing them away with my shoulders. I didn’t care anymore. The energy of the city was dragging me away. I was on my way to finding her.

I ignored the time on my phone, ignoring the fact that every second I spent running was a second away from my friend. Right now all I cared about was trying to find her, trying to find this feeling that crept up inside me. If I could find her, I would be away from this city. I ran and ran, until my legs gave in, and until the air escaped from my lungs. I didn’t know who I was looking for, but I knew that whoever it was would bring me away. I frantically turned my head around to each corner, towards the street across from me, and scanned every person that walked by. I looked for that black flowing hair, those bright red cheeks and her gentle eyes that drew me into a silent adagio. I needed to see her again. I turned off the music in my ears, and placed my headphones into my pocket. The world hit me like a crescendo, the steps of everyone walking, the tires of the cars that skid on the road, the chirping birds above, and the melting rays all came together to form an amalgamation of anathema.  I closed my eyes and tried to slow my breathing. Then I felt her. A string of electricity surged through my being, and then I opened my eyes. There she was. It really was calling to me, I thought. I was being dragged away into another world, and it was beckoning for me. She was standing alone, and the world around me stopped. It was like I was looking at a picture in a painting, with the sun shining on her, embracing her every being. Nothing mattered anymore, I had found her.

“Hey!” And then a voice called out, breaking me from my reverie. He was tall, well cut and held himself confidently. His gait was strong, his every step had power, and when he arrived next to her, he placed his arms around her. Then I remembered where I was. I was in the city, a place where I never belonged. I had long dark hair, I was skinny. I was a nerd, maybe even a loser, but I was definitely an outcast. I placed back my earphones in my ear, and dialed up my music. I was lost in my own world again, entrapped in a bubble in a city filled with energy. I looked at the edificial buildings and then back down. I took out my phone, and messaged my friend, “Sorry. I’ll be there in ten.”

“Alright, no worries.” This is where I belong.





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