House Of Suns

Hello once again to a very overdue backlog which I even forgot I did. This was about a year ago and simply seeing the difference in style and how I went about making this really obscure piece dates this thing quite well. I think I was trying to make this a pilot of sorts since it ends really haphazardly and could be expanded, but I just left it as it was and never got back to it. There isn’t much to say about this piece other than it really is dated and even though I have gripes about posting something like this since I don’t particularly think it’s that great, it still constitutes as backlog, and since I am trying to push them all out so I can actually be back to being correct about continuity, I decided to post it. Here you go, “House of Suns”.

As I woke up, the burning sun shone mercifully against my ailing body. I yawned and cursed the morning. I hated mornings, especially in the summer. Well, to be fair I hate summer in general. I can’t stand the heat or that feeling you get when your clothes start sticking to you because of the sweat. Ugh.

I got up from my bed and trudged to the bathroom. At least it wasn’t entirely burning in this lodge. After my morning rituals I decided to do my usual; I sat on the couch and watched the neighbors fish. There was no electricity out here and of course that also entailed a life without signal. Oh what a joy it is to live in a primordial state. The wonders of such a simple and underwhelming existence is an alien concept to many. I sighed.

“What a day.”

I got up, tired from the mundane.

“There must be something to do in this forsaken heaven.” But even the devil himself couldn’t give me an answer. I cursed at the humid air. My stomach grumbled.

“Hungry as the sun.” I made my way to the dining area. Can’t cook for all I’m worth. But the neighbors are a hell of a godsend. Without them I’d be whittling away with the preyed corpses. Still got some leftover from yesterday. Salmon. I prepared it in the simplest way I could and began refreshing my energy. The energy that I would soon burn against the unwavering sun. Useless energy.

As I was finishing with the dishes, I had a sudden urge to sleep. Much like all other days. As I climbed the stairs, I suddenly heard a sharp ringing in my ears. A ringing I had never heard before. It was inhuman; a sound that transcended the mortal ears. And it never stopped. The ringing grew louder and louder until it was finally unbearable. I fell to the floor, which creaked under my pain.

“Blast it all.” But there was no one to hear my call. I was about to scream in pain, but suddenly it stopped. Seemingly random, yet forgiving. I continued my way. But, it struck as quickly as lightning. The ringing stung me again. Where is this blasted sound coming from?

Wait that must be it. A summer beast! Yes, I’m not on my knees of my own accord. This is all but a figment of my imagination. Yes, I have decided. I am not crazy. I calmed my nerves with three quick breaths, then I walked. Drats, there it is again, that blasted noise. I focused, tried to calm myself and proceeded despite the pain. It was strange but the noise seemed to be originating from above me. An attic of sorts, if I only knew one.

I’ve been here for a while now, and I’d be surprised to see a stone unturned. However, I like surprises. Touché, I hated the surprise my parents gave me, this blasted summer home. How unwavering, how tormenting. How…Beautiful. I looked upon the ceiling with everything I had. Perhaps my pained state will reveal more than a sober one. I focused and focused until my eyes grew watery. And to my dismay, there was a kink in the wood work. That meant only one thing; investigation. But I digress, investigation leads to adventure.

I stood under the misplaced tile and thought of inhuman acts to reach my goal. In fact, that inhuman feat sought me out. The tile suddenly creaked and vibrated, then without warning it plopped open, revealing a set of stairs that descended upon me.

I questioned it at first but, I realized there was no point. No need for argument. I approached the first step of the stairs and slowly placed my foot on it. My foot didn’t fall through, a good sign. I continued climbing. As I was nearing the top, I ducked my head, as if not to hit myself and wake from this dream, clearly, this is all a dream. As if anything like this could ever happen in this mundane lodging. But I spoke too soon, rather, spoke too late.

As I made my way to the top, and as my head plopped up at the entrance way, I was suddenly taken aback to the scenery in front of me. No, this was not an attic, there was never an attic here, I knew that for a fact. What I was staring at was in fact a world filled with green. I looked left and right and the only thing I could see for miles was grass and trees. I was in…Another world. I immediately ran the rest of the way up, my whole body was now immersed in this place. Surely this was a dream.  But it was not. I bent down, plucked a yellow flower from the grass and smelt it; all too real to just be a dream. I took in a deep breath and the senses of nature overcame everything else. Birds chirped in the distance and even the sun, which beat down on me ever so vigilantly before, had the same effect here. I pinched myself, but alas I was still in this mystical garden.

There was no way this was real, I immediately turned back, the entrance still open, the same set of stairs still there. It was foreign how these stairs suddenly appeared, or how that tile suddenly propped  open, but I had one choice to make now. And secretly, inside of me, I knew which I wanted. I looked around in the grass and found a stone tile, the size of the opening. I knelt beside it, and listened in, listened to the other world before me. The real world. It gave me yet an empty husk, a quiet and boring life. A boring summer life. Just as I was about to close the opening, I heard knocking. The neighbors. I smiled, and then covered the entrance.

This was my world now. A place so close yet so far from home. There was a gravel walkway, and I hoped to explore it, but first, I turned around. An alternate path. I took it to a not so far away holy ground. Gray oval stones stood up from the ground. I presumed them to be graves, yet, no names were engraved on them. The soil was fine as well, plants grew on top of them. Perhaps I was thinking too much into it. Suddenly, a large horn resounded from behind me, from the direction of the main gravel road. I don’t think I’ll be bored anymore, and quite frankly, this summer vacation has just started.



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