Coming Up Again

So yeah, this is a thing now. But also as you noticed, I’m not talking in bold anymore, since that used to me my distinguishing feature between me, and the short story or piece of work that I posted. I would be the so called Omnipotent god who had his voice larger than the rest, or something like that. Or maybe not really, but yeah, things coming up… AGAIN, because yeah I kind of just went silent for a few weeks due to school related work and you know how it is, work piles up.  And, I think that was also one of the few times where I disposed some information about myself, I think I do in a very subtle and archaic way, just the way I like my stories. But as it is with these things, all my intros are scattered among all my short stories and you don’t really see much of me if you’re just tuning in. There really isn’t any personal aspect of me other than within the short stories, but even then that’s very distant. That’s kind of my thing lately, I think I’ve been able to draw this weird dissonance between reader and character giving my stories surrealism, but that’s a tangent.

So what’s coming up again, and why am I talking in plain text? Mainly because I’ve probably going to take a few more weeks off from posting, and instead do these kind of blog posts. So, no short stories for a bit, but I do have a bunch that I have ready to edit and post, and short stories that are pretty fresh off the press and one’s that I’m pretty happy about. So there’s that. For those not knowing, I also have a side blog:

Where I basically post microfiction, one word prompts where I take the meanings of words and write short short stories on. That was my way of trying to post more, but even that got the better of me, so when I get back after this break I’ll bring that up to bi-tridaily posts since it still is really fun for me to manage that since its quick, gets the ideas flowing, and hell I can manage those much more than full-length short stories, which take me way longer. There’s quite a collection there, so it would be much appreciated to check that out, or again, share to people who might be interested. I’ve touched on a lot of facets lately, so yeah I got things for people who like short stories, and quick reads from my side blog.

That brings another point, site management. I’ve been meaning to buff up the blog’s layout so that its more friendly for new explorers, mainly a better way to compile short stories so that it’s not by date, but with some kind of other categorization. I’ll figure that out and see if I can make a more streamlined design. Not that I dislike my current layout, it’s just I feel I can make it a bit more friendlier so that people won’t be scrambling. And also it helps since I just want an easy way for people to go to where they want.

So what’s up with blog posts? Well, to fill in the void and to actually be more vocal and I guess just because I can, I’ll fill in these break weeks, and subsequent weeks with blogs posts where I just talk about things. Who knows what I’ll have in store, or if I even have interesting things to talk about on a weekly basis. But yeah, I’ll keep that in mind, or I might just rant on things, either way it’s my way of filling in these dead spots.

Thanks for sticking around and reading till the end, and it would be much appreciated if you know anyone who might like a short story or two, to point their eyes this way, I’m always open for new readers and possibly new people to have a comment or two on my humble pieces of work. Or, if not, then maybe check out the short stories that are lingering about on here, because, there really is a lot, trust me, I know:

But yeah, I’m signing out for now, and I guess, see you next week.








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