The Problem With This Generation

Hey guys its been a week, and since that week, not many things have happened I guess. I’m in the midst of exam week in university so I’ve been more or less bunkering down and adopting the mantra of most students to this day: procrastination. No but seriously, I just have strange studying habits and I tend to find myself just remembering information in class from just sitting on it. It’s kind of the thing where the readings just leave an impression on me, but that’s not to say that this method is perfect, plus studying is always good. Reviewing your notes is probably better than not doing it. But that’s not what I’ve had on my mind lately. I could care less for the education system and schooling, but for a lot of people, that’s not the case.

You know, I see a problem with this generation. And of course I’m living in this generation. I’m not too much older than the people I’m referring to, nor do I have any inherent right to say that I can glean this from my own kin, but It’s something that I’m quite arduous about. It’s a simple problem really, but never have I seen it perpetuated so much among the people I know and among media and stories then now. It’s this idea of uselessness. It’s vague, and this problem in of itself is vague. People nowadays, especially those of age to study in college or university  lack  motivation. Sure, there might be motivation to do well, to give back to your parents, or even a motivation just to get it over with. These motivations are fine, but they aren’t motivations that give you any push. The problem with this generation is that people don’t know what they want in life.

There are sayings in life. Death and taxes are guaranteed. Teach a man to catch a fish and he’ll never go hungry. What these don’t account though, is that there’s much more to it than just that. There’s more to life than things of survival. You tell people idioms to get them going, to give them perspective, to leave a trail of hope for their future, but that’s just candied rot. What matters is not the beginning, or the end, but what you do with the middle.  People can’t seem to get that middle part worked out. They can’t see a coherent picture, and then they flail about. They waste their life, their energy, and their being rifling about in a desert of indignation. What purpose is it in life to live if you do not have a goal? That’s a tough question to answer. I can’t answer that. I bet if a god existed, he wouldn’t either. But how many people are on this planet? How many billions of people still exist, living their lives in their own ways? If life was meaningless because you can’t find meaning in the moment, then why haven’t we gone extinct yet? There’s more to life than what you think, and just because you can’t find a dream, a goal, something to strive for, it’s no excuse to end it. There’s no excuse for moping about, when that wasted time could have been spent working on something. But those words won’t reach anyone.

If my words alone could reach anyone, then I would so gladly hope that it can, but no matter who it is, no matter who speaks, there will still be apathy in this generation. Thinking and studying this society, and how things are, you can see a great push for advancement. We live in such a fast society where people are pressured to “contribute”. Where people feel the need to be “citizens”. But what does that mean? We as people, as humans, as beings on Earth want science. We favor practicality. We can tangibly see the results of Einstein, Galileo, Tesla, and Gates. We can see how the world moves and how the people within in move the world. This is a world filled with numbers and statistics. And growing up with them, growing up with these apathetic zombies, I can see  that not many people are fit for that role. Not many people can or want to run up to the pedestal to discover the thousands of un-found creatures, to find a bacteria, to gaze into the endless sea of stars.  Not many people are fitting of that, but what can they do, right? What else is there, if not that. That’s the problem with this generation.

There’s more to the world than they realize. But because of how schooling, and how their parents push them into the world, this is the only life they know. What more is there than Maths, Science, and Technology? What more is there than these fields of study that are perfect? Plugging an equation, studying mass, writing codes, they’ve never failed before. They never will. Theory, psychology, metaphor, abstract imagery, modernism, who the hell even knows what any of it means? But that’s the path I’ve taken. I’m a writer. I do these things not because I can’t do the others, but because I’ve had the gall to find myself. That’s the problem with this generation. A spineless generation that is scared of their parents, scared of their peers, and scared of recognition. I’ll tell anyone that what will make their parents happy isn’t to live up to THEIR standards. But to find a life of your own. My parents didn’t come to this country to see me wallow in pity, to find myself swimming in a miasma of black. My parents came to this country, raised me, to see me smile, to see me happy. There is no parent in this world who wouldn’t want their kid to be happy. They just aren’t good at expressing this, and if you aren’t going to complain, then you’ll just find yourself suffocating in their waves. That’s the problem with this generation.

I don’t have a solution to this problem, I don’t think anyone does. Mental health to me is the most important thing to anyone. They say if you can’t see it, is it really a problem? But there is suicide, depression, and disease out there. No one can see it, but we feel it. We feel the problems, we feel ourselves wanting something in life. And once we can’t find that, we resort to the only thing we know about life. The things that are taught to us from the very moment we’re born. We’re ingrained with this from our DNA. Death. That’s a piss poor solution if you ask me, and many people also realize that. Thank some god that many people realize that. The best solution to this problem is the exact opposite. It’s obvious. Just live. Fate isn’t something you find. Destiny doesn’t come knocking on your door. You make your own doors, you put your own foot, and you find your own way. Whether that takes you ten years, twenty years, fifty years, it doesn’t matter. Find your own way, find something to latch onto. No matter how small or big, how much worth you think it is, how much worth it is to the people around you, it’ll be your life force. Find yourself and be proud.  There’s a reason why you’re here, trust me and the other seven billion around you.




















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