Christmas Eve/ Christmas/ Posting

This is going to be a short update because the holidays are among us, and at the time of writing and posting this, probably either Christmas Eve or Christmas depending on where you are. Either way, with exams over, and basically a fresh start to this year, I’m going to start pushing out these short stories I’ve been working on, which isn’t to say I won’t do these more personalized update posts. I’ll probably still do way more of these rant type posts to fill in that gap between me editing my more regular posts. That and I’ll be back up on doing microfiction over on which if you haven’t already check out should definitely see if that lighter and quicker dosage of fiction appeals more than my more heavy works. I’ll be aiming to get back into that bi-daily posting schedule of having a new piece up every other day, and probably get to organizing that so I can have menus for specific words. I basically use words as prompts but it isn’t as random as you think. I started at “A” and just used 3-4 words of A and then went down the alphabet.

But that’s neither here nor there, either way I’ll be looking to getting my what I like to call “2017” shorts out. Even though it’s still a ways before 2017 I’d like to think that these newer pieces I have worked on are a good indication of where I’m at now from where I was before. A lot can happen in a year, and starting university this year is one of them. So yeah, Christmas and holiday cheers.



























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