The Concept Of Time

This is a topic that I’ve always had but haven’t really gotten around in actually trying to put into words. It’s exactly as it sounds like, the concept of time. It’s strange to try and decipher the concept of time as isn’t time something we all know? A second passes, sixty seconds into a minute, sixty minutes into an hour, twenty-four hours into a day. But really, what is a second? What is a minute? What is time? To say that time is a moment in life would probably be the easiest way of answering that question. But then, what is a moment? I may just seem to be asking a bunch of questions for the sake of it, but if a second is a moment in life, how do we really define that? Is the second what had happened, or is the second the moment we acknowledge what has happened? Because after something has occurred, that second has already gone by. In that case, we NEVER live in the present because we can never perceive fast enough. Even doing nothing, sitting still and watching a white wall can’t be the present as our bodies are constantly in motion as well. Even the act of blinking or noticing your breathing is all in the past. Time moves far too quickly for us to realize what has happened. But of course no one cares. No one really has the time to sit down and try and understand every little nuance in their lives, it simply would take too much time and effort. Even if one were to do that, the next new thing, the next nuance will appear and life will move on. Thus, as the saying goes, time waits for no one.

But the concept of time isn’t something I want to end on just that note. Time is very much a transient being. The moment you think of time, time flies by. The moment you realize that you’re wasting time, an hour has already passed. It’s a very mischievous being and it will never take back its tricks. That’s the scary part of time. If you anger time, you’ll lose time forever. That’s why I’m always an advocate for time, but not just physical time, mental time. What I mean by this is that you can use time by using your body. But for people like me, I’m mainly using time by using my mind. To think. Thinking takes a lot of time, and I often don’t think too much about things if I don’t have to. To go on that, I know many people who think too much about things and end up wasting too much time.As I said, time never comes back, so you have to use what little time you have to its fullest. If you end up on a wall in your mind, if you end up thinking too much about things that don’t need to be thought, then you have used up your time. And the scarier part is that when you use up your mental time, you also end up using up your physical time. To combine the two, to be active and think is the ultimate use of time, but that much is extremely tiring. Instead, if a negative thought occurs, if your mind is blasted against a wall that you can’t seem to overcome, I’d say to realize how much time is passing. As you try and force your way through a conundrum, realize how much time your using, and how much time you can’t use now to solve that conundrum in another way. Almost every problem has more than one solution. Instead of adamantly paving your own path and wasting time, why not try another route. And if you fail, just pick yourself up and use what remaining time you have to keep at it. What’s worse then wasting time is thinking that you have too much time. If you overthink a problem, all that time has wasted, and the sliver of success will pass you by just like your time.

But that isn’t to say that wasting time is always bad. With every passing day, our world grows that much faster. We are never going to stop, and with every successive generation, we will continue to move faster. However, moving too quickly will cause us to strain ourselves. Sometimes we need to stop, sometimes we need time to just move beyond us so that we can get a moment’s rest. In this instance, I’d like to think of time not as a mischievous being. In fact, in many scenarios time becomes almost a power of good. Time heals, they say. Time leads to improvement. ¬†There is so much good with time and that almost makes up for the bad that time can do. But if I were to surmise this rant on the concept of time, then I’d say that, the concept of time isn’t worth your time to think about. So just keep moving forward.





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