Preface: Two people talking, normal font, italics.

Isn’t it strange that the two of us are here, at this exact moment in time, at this exact spot in the world?

Not at all.

You don’t think so? I mean, I could have been born halfway across the world. We could have been two generations apart, and I could have been serving in a military with two bullets up my ass. But I’m not. And you’re not. In fact, we’re living the most carefree lives of our short youths.

First. You couldn’t have been born halfway across the world because your parents live here. Second. Even if we were born two generations apart, you’d probably still be drawing. Or working a coffee shop. I can’t imagine any version of you being in the military. And yes. We’re the biggest idiots in the world.

Carefree. Not idiots.

Same thing.

Well. I think it’s got to be that. You know, fate. When two people meet, and when two people become friends, it’s got to be that.

It can’t just be coincidence?

Don’t you find that a little too plain?

Is that necessarily a bad thing?


I don’t think so at all. Simple and clean is best. There’s no need to add such complexities in life is there?

Simple and clean may be best, but simple and clean won’t make life interesting. If every meeting were to happen  by chance, then everything would be boring. There wouldn’t be flair. There wouldn’t be the hardships or trials, or chasing fate. It would all just be mundane.

And if my philosophy were to be true, don’t you think yours would also be true? If our meeting was just by mere chance, as I would have it be, and we, as being so different in philosophy still nourished our friendship as such, your complexities still exist. Our meeting can be both mundane and interesting, don’t you agree?


Yes. That is what I said. Is there a problem with that? Or would you rather not be my friend? If that’s the case, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I was under the impression

No. It’s fine. It’s nothing. Ignore the dejection in my face and voice. Just… Ignore it, for my sake. It is of no small trifle that the young maiden heart I carry with me is–

I’m sorry. But I am the maiden in this situation. You are but a young peasant boy. It’s like that one story. The one with the geisha, the one you like so much.

The portrait of an old.

Precisely. Though, you really aren’t too versed in the classics. You just picked it up on a whim.

My life is interesting because it is filled with spontaneity.

And stupidity.

One might even say they’re the same thing.

Do you sometimes wonder whether these days will last?

Not in the slightest, after all, we will grow old, maybe even, grow apart.

Come on. Don’t say it like that. Even if it is the truth, it still hurts you know. It still hurts.

I know.

You’ll still say it even if it hurts?

I’ll say it because it hurts.

Don’t you sometimes wonder whether these days can last? It doesn’t have to change, right?

Maybe not. But, if there is one truth in life, then it may as well be change. Everybody will change someday. Everybody will grow old, and everybody will die. Even us.

I know. But even so. Some things don’t need to change, right?

Do you mean to say, that it’s a work of that?

Exactly. That. Fate.

Then, I leave it in the hands of fate to decide whether we will change or not. Though if I had to count its track record, we will change.

You’re quite stringent on that. Do you really not want this to last?

You know, it doesn’t have to be any different, in the future. Even if you leave, even if I leave. Even when we meet different people. Can’t it still stay the same? Nothing has to change.

Do you really believe that?

Even if fate won’t allow it, I’ll still try.


Why do you think?

Perhaps, you love me?

But even so, you won’t give me an answer, nor will you say it back to me. No matter how much that hurts, I have to do it anyway, I’ll still try anyway, you know why?

Because you’ll do it in spite of the pain?

And no matter what, no matter what happens, I’ll always feel like this. It’s a strange feeling, like I want to always be there for you, an everlasting love. But not a love that needs to be satiated by anything, you know, it’s kind of like–

The love you have for your friends. The kind of love you show because you care for your friends greatly. That kind of love?

Something like that.

And yet, for me, it’s different?

Somehow. One way or the other. Between a rock and a hard place.

And even though I cause you so much pain, you’ll still love me?

I hate to say it, but I will.

Thank  you.

I’m not good for you, you know that? Even I realize it. I’m a rotten person to the core. I’ll use you without realizing it, and once I realize how you feel, I’ll crush it, turn it into a wave of indignation and–

And what?

And I’ll be too afraid to do anything about it. That’s how I’ve always been. Every single time. But–

Not this time.

No matter what happens, you’ll still waste your youthful energy on me. On us.

We are young after all. What more can I do?

What more will you do?

Grow up with you.

Grow old and die.

And I’ll be happy all the same.

Even if I hate you?

It hurts to think about, but I hope you don’t hate me.

Even if I find someone else?

It hurts to think about, but I hope you consider me first.

Even if I don’t want to ever see your creepy face?

Hey, don’t call my face creepy. I’m a perfectly normal person. And. It hurts to think about, but please don’t tell me that’s the truth.

You’ll grovel for me?

I’m not groveling for anyone.

Then I guess you won’t do.

You want someone to grovel for you!?



I’m sorry.

For what?

For not realizing sooner.

For not realizing what?

For not realizing… Do you have to make me say it again?

For not realizing what?

That you love me.



For not realizing that you love me too?

That’s only as a friend and you know that!

Then, why don’t we spend a little more time together so I can prove you wrong.

If you can prove me wrong.

When I prove you wrong.

How long will that take?

I can wait.

Ten years?

I’ll wait.


I’ll wait.


How long are you going to make me wait!?


I’m grateful.



Me too.


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