I’m writing something alike a book, or is it more a web novel?

Either way, I’m writing what appears to be a long-form narrative, so I might just pass on the classification of writing a book. Also, I haven’t done these in forever. No excuses there, I never was one for these more laid back blog style posts, yeah, that was never my forte.  But, it’s time to put the pencil down and just talk about what I’ll be doing for the next few… Who knows.


And yes, that is an awesome picture I found online of a pencil being put down. That’s all.

To put it shortly, I’ve been at it these past months doing what I love doing every day, and working on my craft, of writing. That hasn’t changed at all, as is seen through my tried consistent posting of my works. I’ve also been dipping my head in other territories involving writing, but, those are of the realm outside this humble space I have set up to store my short stories. In other words, this journey of being a writer still continues on every day no matter what happens, because, this is who I am.

But, I’ve also, among other things and experimenting and trying to do more interesting things in my creative portfolio have started going back to long-form narrative which is actually how I first started. I began by writing these really shoddy novels/books, and, now I’m back at it again, hopefully, this time, not as shoddy.

Thus, I have created Shattered Dreams, which, is also the name of a short story I did a while back. Full story here: https://briandwriting.wordpress.com/shattered-dreams/

And, I’ve also revamped efforts on my micro-fiction blog: https://schoolofwords.wordpress.com/

So hopefully I can start posting more often there. I actually really enjoy that little subsection of my writing journey, for me it’s become a quaint little thing all of its own.

But yeah, point is, I’m going to probably do daily postings of the chapters that I’ve already finished onto this blog, and that means doing something I haven’t done in a long time which is a very active feed. Though of course, I’m not much a conventional personality driven blogger at all, no, I don’t consider myself a blogger, I just like the space I have here to post my stories and apparently, some people read them, which is always fun indeed.

Maybe, in fact, I will do more of these, probably more weekly if anything just to have a place where I can jot down whatever I’m thinking, or do more article style posts where I rant on whatever stream of conscious I so have. I don’t know yet, but, the one certainty is Shattered Dreams, a very much passion project if I’ve ever wrote one.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’ll cut it short here, and just leave you be with the first chapter of Shattered Dreams, so, please, by all means, give that a shot: http://wp.me/p6oCGV-rI



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