Shattered Dreams, Chapter 6: On a Day Without a Dream

When I close my eyes everything slowly simmers to black. I can’t feel tired, but everything disappears nonetheless. And as if on a queue I wake up aptly. Somewhere in the distance of my mind I can feel Lottie wake up as well. Lottie is a part of my being, a part of my existence. On that day that I took her shattered dream, I gave her a new life. I stole her humanity and brought her over to the World of the Divine. I felt Lottie stretch and yawn.

“By the way,” Lottie began that morning, “Where are we, anyway? I mean, I know we’re in your room, but where exactly is this?”

“I wish I could tell you.” I really couldn’t answer that question. I hadn’t a single idea where my room existed. There was the theory that I simply existed in the plane between the two worlds. That was the most probable answer, and if I could meet with my Landlord that would have been my first question. Though even if I did ask I probably wouldn’t receive an answer.

“Do you think we’re somewhere in the World of the Living?” Lottie asked. Lottie was still speaking from the space she dwelled inside of me.  I couldn’t help but to smile. I began to imagine Lottie in the space in front of me. And in a blink, Lottie appeared. She was floating in the air between us, her long light brown hair wrapping onto her body like a blanket. She hadn’t changed much from the time she was still a human.

“That’s better,” I said in jest of her appearance, “The World of the Living?”

“Yeah. Couldn’t that be the case?” She flew over to the jars on my desk and began picking at them.

“That would be the case for the majority of divines who were born from the whispers of humans. But I’m a special case.” Lottie nodded.

“You weren’t born from any myths, legends, or rumors. Instead, you were cast into this world by another divine.” I nodded. Lottie raised her eyes as she turned towards me.

“Right. Before I knew it I was here in this room,” I answered.

“And I haven’t really found any details on any supernatural ghost or creature that could match your description,” Lottie added. She shrugged and flew over to my arm. Her hand as they touched my skin felt like a smooth waterfall. She made me stretch my arm. In a breath, her feet planted onto my arm, weightless.

“If we aren’t in the World of the Living then it’s quite amazing how your door can link to it at will,” she played a balancing act but at the edge of my hands jumped off and dived towards the floor. Influence is the kind of word of mouth that made divine beings. Those who’ve had their stories passed down from generations are born as beings powerful enough to sustain themselves. Those who’ve only been talked about in passing for a few days would be born as lesser beings. I found that fact to be oddly human.

“My room is a divine all of its own, so it isn’t that surprising in that regard.” Lottie shot to the sky just as she was about to hit the floor. Her laugh filled the room.

“So that just leaves the possibility that your room is situated somewhere in the World of the Divine. However, even as I siphon information from outside of your room to learn of the World of the Divine, I can tell that it’s a very weak link. ” Lottie went for another dive.

“If the link isn’t strong, then that means we’re much farther from the World of the Divine than we think,” I answered. Lottie nodded as she continued for the floor, stopping before she planted.

“That’s right it’s not strong but it’s still there. So, the most probable answer has to be–” She rocketed again, pulling all of her energy, breaking the wind around us.

“That we’re somewhere in between.” Lottie faltered just as she was about to hit the ceiling. She spun out in the air, landing onto the wall, shaking my table. I laughed.

“Exactly.” Lottie shook her head and begun meditating. I smiled for her.

“Not a very fun topic for an old day like today.” She stopped and looked at me with her head tilted to the side. She puffed her cheeks in and sighed.

“I’m still learning about this world. I have to ask questions. Especially when it comes to issues concerning you,” she said with a light smile.

“Even if you can just siphon me?” She shook her head.

“That wouldn’t be fun.”  Lottie flew over to my bed and lowered herself onto the sheets. Upon touching them she cringed, “This thing’s cold.”

“Much like you?” She scowled with a chuckle. Her eyes then moved to the marbles in my jar.

“I wonder how many that makes,” she said under her breath.

“Enough to know that dreams have been shattered.”

“And you’re their last resort.” I smiled and sought my mind to see if I could pull out a memory I’ve had with the humans who I’ve talked to. My mind could barely climb a mountain.

“I guess that would be pretty overbearing. I can’t even think how stressful that would be, holding the burden of all those shattered dreams,” Lottie said as she flew in front of me arcing to and fro in a light pendulum.

“And what about you? What about the burden of having been human?” The question rolled out of my mouth before I could realize I said anything.

“It’s nothing compared to a thousand humans.” She came to a stop. Her smile was light, it flashed with her eyes. Her breathing stilted. The air in my room filtered through her hair. We remained like that until her words broke my pulse.

“We should do something for your day off. It’s not like staying here would help us.”

“And going out there would?” She shrugged.

“You work six days a week collecting shattered dreams and talking to all sorts of people. But today you get to do whatever you want. This is supposed to be a relaxing time, a break. Have some fun.” I would usually sleep. That was plenty fun. And if I had to derive pleasure from anything, it would be talking to humans.

“You got to learn to live a little Summer,” Lottie flew over and picked up my hand, trying to drag me over to my door.

“I could do any amount of living in the lifespan I have as a divine,” I said as she used all she could to propel herself forward.

“But you have a life all together. Use it!” I couldn’t help but smile for her as her voice cracked.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re human or divine. In fact, being a divine who’s so human-like should merit you some degree of humanity.” A sigh erupted from my mouth.

“I was a human once. I take pride in that despite the kind of life I led. If I were you, I’d take every opportunity I have to go and have fun!” I wanted to dispute her point. To tell her that I was a being who was created to collect shattered dreams. I wanted to tell her that there wasn’t a point in my being able to be free. But the words that I sought to spill out of my mouth stood stilted in the air.

And so on that day, I let Lottie carry me to my door.

“Come on, let’s go into the World of the Living!” With my hand in tow, she flew to my door.

“In the end, we’re going back to the World of the Living?”

“Of course! Unless you want to have our play date in the World of the Divine.” I wouldn’t. I would never subject any human to that cesspit.

As we made our way to my door, I couldn’t help but smile at Lottie’s blazing eyes and face-wide smile.

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