How’s everyone doing?

It’s been a strange few weeks and months as I settle down and really harbor down on my own writing. It’s definitely been an ebb and flow of revelations and stalwart stillness. But no matter what, this is something that I can’t seem to escape. It’s a notion that I think many of us can relate to. We can’t escape the words that squirm on our pages and the worlds that draw us in. That’s just who we are, and at the same time, we have to learn to fail, and learn to grow. There’s no wasted effort in art, is something Burnie of Roosterteeth said, the same guy in a spare bedroom with his friends who talked into age old mics over Halo who then went on to create one of the most influential companies in the online sphere. There’s no wasted effort in art because we put everything we have in the moment to create art. And if it sucks, then it sucks. We learn. We fail faster so we can strive to create something amazing. But that only counts if we manage our leases and mind our manners to the ensuing failures that berate being an artist in a saturated society.

But I’m not here to ramble philosophy. No, not at all. How’s everyone doing? All your writings and project been going well I presume? I’ve been following a few on Twitter and they seem to be making strides, as should it be so. Small strides, big strides, it doesn’t matter. Progress is progress, and moving just 0.01% closer to your goals is better than naught (Shattered Dreams reference *cough*) which, speaking of Shattered Dreams has been closed off for now. In other words, I’m putting the bow on it as I’ve gone through and spent countless hours staving away its editing to the point where if I keep dwelling on it I wouldn’t be able to write anything else. So much like my other works, it’ll sit for the annals of time and possibly be of use in the future. I still really like what I made for Shattered Dreams. But, the actually topic isn’t that dusty (it hasn’t been that long but still) tome that I’ve made. It’s another dusty (hmmm) tome that I’ve made called SchoolOfWords.

Here’s the short spiel of it, SchoolOfWords is one word prompts turned into flash fiction so we can all have fun learning new words. And I’ve now combed through two/three words of every letter of the alphabet all the way to Z. So that’s roughly 50 some odd words covered. And originally I was going to reset so that I’ll start from A and work my way down again. But what the hell, let’s spice things up.

I’m going to keep the spirit of learning new words in fun ways. But this time, I’ve decided to learn foreign words. More specifically, foreign words that don’t exactly have an exact English equivalent.  So, thus starts a new season of SchoolOfWords, and all is invited. I’ll be posting today’s first word over there, so check it out if you will. On another note, how’s everyone doing?



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