Aphorism: 406

406: Time fills itself through the constant demands of other (George Murray, Quick)

Time is meaningless. I mean that literally. What exactly is one second? Can you hold it? Have you ever held time? Have you ever sold time? As in, you stood there for ten seconds doing nothing, and you earned a dollar? Have you ever converted time? As in, you found a way to convert ten seconds into a minute. As in, you took the world’s collective ten seconds and moved the universe a minute ahead in time. That all sounds ridiculous. Time is after all a temporal concept. It’s not something that can be melded in reality. It’s just an understanding. As in, we understand that twenty-four hours dictates roughly one revolution of the earth. That is as physical as time can get. And even so, what of it? We might as well say that one hour equals ten minutes. And I can even say that my one day is actually made up of two hours. That sounds even more ridiculous. But what if my seconds are actually worth a million of your seconds?

That’s why we’ve created a shared system of units for time. We can all agree on a second, and a minute, and an hour. It makes everything streamlined. But how does one go about fitting such a psychic concept into something so streamlined as time? It’s like giving a unit to a shared understanding of boredom. I’m two dry paint walls bored.  And despite this, we still say, we have ten minutes left, and an hour to go. Everyone will nod, everyone knows.

Time is meaningless, but we need it to have meaning. We wouldn’t be able to do a single thing without having a gauge of how long it took or when we need to stop. I don’t think time has ever meant anything when it was first conceived. Time was just looking at the sun rise and fall. It never asked to be set into months and years. It never asked to have a date to which the next party happens. It never asked to hold onto the day in which your graduation is supposed to happen. But it does. And it does so without complaining. It holds onto every one of your precious memories. You say you remembered last week. Or you say, on that day, and time will hold onto that for you. So you shouldn’t complain about time. You should never call time, wasted. As in, I wasted that day. You didn’t. It’d be disrespectful to time if you half-heartedly threw that around.


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