Haiku Practice


Solstice in December

The seed I planted
sifts in the soil alone
unseen till winter

The sun breaks morning
cloud cover imitates night
we sleep to evening

Light drizzles wake us
you shift in sheets dust flutters
our roof cracks and creaks

Summer smog lingers
till the end of winter and
spring and fall wither

Disappearing breaths
flutter with cigarette smoke
the lasting snow warm

Sun beams race through snow
a bird flies without the draft
feathers lost in flakes

You knew where I was
in the hem of a blooming
street hidden in rain

A broken streetlamp
looms with shattered light sparkles
capturing the moon

The reflection of
fogged windows shine lightly with
the glimmer of you

Snow angels appear
a deer strides in town then gone
blossoming snow drops

I just wanted to slap a title onto it so I named this practice set “Solstice in December” which I actually like as a title, maybe I’ll nab it for something else. Either way, I’ve been getting into Haiku recently/less recently now, but I’ve also been writing my own and collected some of the more similarly themed ones here.

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