Star Children and Rain Girl

Short poems written a while ago about stars and rain. 

Star Children and Rain Girl
puddles dampened her
the sound of
————rubber and pitter
——————————-and patter
————————————-and a roaring thunder are lost,
————her slight hums,
——her umbrella captures even more,
an orange canopy stuck to

streetlights are lost tonight:
————————the stars dance and
————————————–laugh together,
drenched earth,
a single rain girl still sings.

are dancing children,
holding their stars close to their
as if their bodies would mold away otherwise.


line the sky as star maps
dotting into
shapes, we mark them
on our hands and find a place for them too.

Shooting stars

are                                           lost children
their way home,
indication of their arrival
nestled in the sun.

City Lights

hide the
(star children)
their (shines) found
in loose semblances
and rain
——-falls to conceal
their (words)


storms rumble
like trains pass,
a child tumbles,
ten pins down,


are space cars holding
families of star children,
the galaxy is one intersection over.

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