Novellas/ Novel-Length-Stories

Novellas, or just simply Novels are what most people are accustomed to, since everywhere you go, you’ll probably encounter a book at some point of your life. If you’ve ever went to school, that fact is indisputable. But, novels aren’t just contained to what you normally think of novels as. Novellas are a thing, which are short novels, but not short stories, or in easier terms to understand, Light Novels. They are quite literally lighter versions of books, but are still lengthy enough to qualify as books.  Either way, you can’t always contain yourself to a single short story, and sometimes, you’ll find yourself wanting to expand your worlds and characters and story to the point where it’s far begone a short story.

My Archive of Novella-Type-Stories/ Novel-Length-Stories:

Dark Souls(MIA/On Hold) 

Home For The Unwanted(Written for NaNo)

Town of Living Gears

Shattered Dreams