Short Story

Short stories are exactly what they seem to be, short stories. Except, don’t get dissuaded by the idea of a short story. Many short stories can range from having as little as 100 words, to as much as 10,000 words, but the worlds that they embody are nonetheless the same. No matter if you are reading a short story or a novel, each story in of itself is important. Short stories just aim to tell them in a much more concentrated manner, and are usually short bursts of literary enlightenment and joy. Despite this, in the short frame they are given, short stories have always given off large impressions.

My Archive Of Short Stories:

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And So The Bell Tolls

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Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday:

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Rain Boy:

Rain Song:

Shape Of A Cube:

Girl With The Red Scarf:

Dolly’s Beauty:

Warmth In Coldness:


Smoking August:

Stroll Through A Morgue:

Finding Her:

Wishful Fending:

House of Suns:

Whistled Away:

Within Winter’s Way:

Last Remnants:

Mirror, Mirror:


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Summer’s End: