Slice Of Life

My favorite genre, the slice-of-life. It is exactly what you would think, a slice of a character’s life told through a short story. However, unlike what you would expect from a slice-of-life as usually they are depicted as cherry or happy, some of these may be the slice of a more dreary life. These are slice of life, but only in essence are they slice of life. They feel like it, but themes contained are drastically varying. In fact, themes and style may even fit my other categories, but for now they are here within the slice of life.

A Simple Morning:

The Feeling of Living:

That Day In Winter:

Our Musings End:

Friends of a Cat:


Learning To Give:

He And Her:

Life Without Anything:

Shattered Dreams:

Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday:

A Thief’s Folly-Laure-:

A Thief’s Folly-Jaylin-:

A Thief’s Folly-Charlotte-:

A Thief’s Folly-Blanche-:

Smoking August:

Wishful Fending:

Summer’s End:

The Girl Who Lives In a Mountain: