Writings from 2018



The wave of words that crash within your ears
telling you that nothing you do will ever amount to anything.

A City In The Clouds

Migration or desperation, people stormed to this city in droves. Money flowed from one pocket to another, and the blood of the city became entrenched in… No. None of it was true. We were just trying to live.


Casey told her to pack up for the day, but that meant going home. That meant seeing her mother, who barricaded herself in her home for her birthday.

In The Ground Where We Lay

None of us can say otherwise that the time we spent together was a lie….Or at least, that’s what I told myself.

6 Word Story Practice

On a hill, warm, without you.

Without you, I fly, then, fall.

With you, I fall, then fall.

You told me, “I love you.”

So I told you “not anymore.”

Tell Me When It Rains

And if you do I’ll bring an umbrella.

And if you do I’ll drift my hands over the balcony, letting it drip onto my fingers.

And if you do I’ll make sure to open my windows and let the humidity linger, my plants soaking, no longer lounging in its hunger.

Hiding From a Monster

Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter


Lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub

Where We Stand

“I’ll always be above this line.

Here, the water is drenched in some kind of rust but,”

maybe it’ll be treated and if treated I won’t have to say

that being here drains me, but I can live here, and I can taste the water here.

Ebb and Flow

You talk, I talk. You watch, I watch. You reach, I hold. You fall, I catch.

12 Word Story Practice

Tiny drops pitter patter as the sun waits to raise its rays.

The sound of zzzz and zzzz soon turn into buzzzz and buzzzz.

Staccato steps fill the air in light flares of empty restful days.

Even so, even yet, even though, we haven’t yet found a way.

Describing Waves

Shimmering crescendo waves bloomed as a stone dived its way in, sinking to the bottom, as they do.

Describing Bioluminescence

We huddled together, a broken lighter between the three of us.

Haiku Practice

The seed I planted
sifts in the soil alone
unseen till winter

Describing Anthropocene

Last year it snowed, brightly, in shades of bristling shining white.

Last Writing Practice of the Year

In the spring we watch flower buds erupt from the dying snow.